New Dior Sauvage Video Footage

The official video campaign + interview of the latest Dior Sauvage campaign.

Those of you who liked the official Dior Sauvage campaign images, will definitely LOVE the official video and also the behind the scenes/interview footage. Besides putting Parfum in the limelight and retaining Sauvage’s edgy flair, the film artfully captures elements of Native American culture. The campaign was put together by Johnny himself, Mondino and the House of Dior with a political aim of addressing cultural appropriation.

The powerful riffs (played by rock legend Jeff Beck) and tribal beats in this specially remixed song captures the attention of by-standing indigenous Americans. In one scene, we see a maiden (played by Tanaya Beatty of Through Black Spruce) enamoured by the melody. Separately, a Native American warrior (played by Canku One Star, a Fancy War dancer and Rosebud Sioux Tribe member) gets into fight mode, performing a solo war dance to the music aggressively as if ready for combat. The sun soon sets, leaving Johnny accompanied only by the twilight and warmth from a bonfire towards the end of the clip. Make sure to watch!


  • Beautifully done! Wow! And it’s a commercial! Love you John!

  • OH MY GOSH!!! Just watched these both online and saved both. Didn’t think they could top the first campaign ad, boy was I wrong! This is so AWESOME, SO BEAUTIFUL, SO SEXY! Love that he is showing his talent on guitar in this great tribute! Love it! Just LOVE IT!🤗

  • Thanks for making a very interesting comment about these videos. The dancer Canku One Star is like the interpreter of the music, as an additional musician who adds his personal rhythm to the melody. His solo war dance is amazing! The Native American culture is so fascinating and inspirational. Their colorful traditional clothing are often handmade, their headdresses warbonnets are so impressive too, arts and crafts are so beautiful. It is a great idea to capture elements of this culture into Dior Sauvage campaign.
    The end of the clip, leaving Johnny accompanied only by the twilight… well, it leaves me speechless 🙂 He is a charismatic and gorgeous man as usual 🙂

  • So I see the ad has already been pulled. VERY VERY sad times we are living in when every single thing every human does on this planet now is being scrutinized under a magnified microscope. People who stand on a soapbox screaming for tolerance yet fail to practice that in their own life. I honestly thought this was a very well laid out campaign and filmed beautifully. Johnny has always been extremely proud of Native Americans and would never do anything to misrepresent them or harm them in any way and would never do anything without their approval.IMO I just have a feeling there’s way more behind these complaints then what is being released/reported. VERY SAD!!!

  • How can you think this is ok? You are drawing attention to cultural appropriate by appropriating cultural? The indigenous community is NOT ok with this.

  • Thank you for sharing some beautiful photos of photocalls in the photo gallery. I was lucky to be able to attend Johnny’s tribute to the 45th Deauville American Film Festival. It was wonderful to see him on stage receiving his tribute from the talented French actress Catherine Deneuve. Indeed, He was very moved. It made me smile when he saw his face on the screen and he looked away, he was very humble too.
    Then there was the screening of waiting for the barbarians.
    Of course, Johnny was fantastic but hats off to Mark Rylance for his performance in this movie.
    I am still upset by what I experienced during that weekend. I know that every time I will go for a stroll in Deauville, I could not help thinking back to all those intense moments…
    Thank you to the festival for making it possible and to Johnny for being unforgettable.

  • Merry Christmas to all!

  • Johnny is great in the advert. He looks wow as always!!

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