Johnny Visiting Dr. Keen in Beverly Hills

Dentist Dr. David Keen, D.D.S., M.S. in Beverly Hills, California, posted a personal image of himself standing holding a child and standing next to Johnny in his clinic on his Instagram account. Apparently, Johnny paid a visit to the doctor, as he wrote on March 07:

Always fun when Johnny Depp is in the office! @johnnydeppofficial

Just so you know, the Instagram profile linked is NOT Johnny. He does not use any social media platforms. We added the image to our photo gallery.

By the way, a question to our visitors: Are you actually interested in seeing personal posts such as this one? While there are no Johnny news around, I like to post more “random” stuff like this (provided that something is posted on social media or so). Let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in seeing personal stuff or not.


  • A very special moment and beautiful memory!

  • It great seeing admirers shared photos as long as it’s okay with the owner of the photos

  • Thank you very much for posts like this one!

  • It’s always great seeing Johnny. I have missed seeing him. But I know he is sometimes a very private person so I would like to know that it is okay with him. Respect!
    Hi Johnny, I love you always!
    Huge fan…

    • Yes, for sure! We would NEVER ever post anything Johnny’s not okay with. Never. That’s why we don’t post anything gossip or the issues going on with Amber.
      Those photos are online on their original owners’ accounts, that’s the reason why we re-post them. We wouldn’t steal any personal photos or anything like that. 😊 Don’t worry about that!

  • Such a sweet photo! Thank you for posting it! Johnny is so great with children! He’s going to make an awesome Grandad someday!!! I’m SO proud of him and the time that he makes, even going out of his way sometimes to spend with his fans (or friends as he refers to them). Always being so humble, he greatly appreciates all of us❣ Hang in there Johnny! You’ve busted through that toughest mountain, better and stronger! We’er here standing with you side by side shoulder to shoulder ALWAYS❣SENDING HUGS❣🤗

  • Yes I would like to see him more in any random or personal posts if it’s okay. Love his works, love his personality… always looking forward to the update of this site. Thank you JDOrg!

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