Johnny Depp Signs First-Look Deal With IM Global

The company will be run by Depp and his longtime producing partner Christi Dembrowski as well as Sam Sarkar and Stephen Deuters.

Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil has signed a first-look deal with Stuart Ford’s IM Global.

The company will be run by Depp and his longtime producing partner Christi Dembrowski as well as Sam Sarkar and Stephen Deuters.

IM Global, whose most recent credits include Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge and Martin Scorsese’s Silence, is financing and co-producing Depp’s next film, Richard Says Goodbye, one of the hottest sales titles on the market at Cannes. Written and directed by Wayne Roberts, the film is set begin production this summer.

Infinitum Nihil previously had first-look deals at Disney and, before that, Warner Bros.

“Johnny is, of course, a globally recognized superstar but, as importantly, we at IM Global love Infinitum Nihil’s idiosyncratic and taste-driven view of the movie-making world and the unique brand that Johnny, Christi and their team have developed,” Ford said Tuesday in a statement. “We’re building this relationship in order to generate great movies for the global audience with a like-minded creative partner, and with IM Global’s reputation as a company that has enjoyed frequent success greenlighting bold films outside of the confines of the major studio system, I feel certain that our newly extended filmmaking partnership with Infinitum Nihil will be a fruitful one.”

IM Global’s relationship with Infinitum Nihil began last year when IM Global Television announced that it was developing a music-driven TV drama series about the legendary Muscle Shoals recording studio based on Rick Hall’s autobiography The Man From Muscle Shoals: My Journey From Shame to Fame, with Infinitum Nihil producing alongside Richard Branson’s Virgin Produced.

Depp has suffered a string of misfires in recent years, including 2014’s Transcendence, 2015’s Mor[t]decai and 2016’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. In an effort to change things up, the actor moved from UTA to CAA in October (he had been with the former since 1998).

Depp is currently in theaters with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which has crossed the $600 million mark worldwide since its release last month.

After shooting Richard Says Goodbye, Depp will reprise his role as the Dark Wizard Grindelwald in J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel. He next stars in the crime thriller Labyrinth for Open Road as a detective investigating the Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. murders, and will follow that up with Fox’s Murder on the Orient Express, directed by Kenneth Branagh.

CAA put the first-look deal together as well as the one for Richard Says Goodbye.



  • I have quiet hopes that this comment will be read by Johnny himself. It is with you that we love you many times you have heard. We respect you very much for what you do and for what you never give up and ignore those who are unreasonable. But i wanted to share that my 4 year old son was watching the movie 1 part of PIRATES from the carribean just crazy about this character. Everyday he talks about it, he dreams, he is trying to imitate you, he does not want to have fun anymore he always plays selected scenes I also need to be in the characters chosen by my son. I wanted to ask if you plan to travel to Poland?

  • We salute all good!:)

  • You’re a dead man now Johnny boy.
    Good luck.

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