Johnny Admirers Fear for His Health

The picture you can see on the left was taken in Russia last week, where Johnny had been touring with his band Hollywood Vampires before they headed over to Germany, where they’re currently performing. After a Johnny admirer posted this picture with Johnny on her Instagram account, statements such as “he looks ill” or “he looks so pale and skinny” have been making their rounds on several social media platforms. So, among comments from other fans who told them how lucky they were to have met their idol, were concerns over Johnny’s appearance.

Just to give you an example of how people reacted, comments like those were not uncommon:

‘I think that my hero looks ill,’ said one concerned admirer on Facebook.

‘He looks thin,’ said another.

Others did not seem to recognize the Pirates of the Caribbean star at all.

‘F*** me is that Johnny Depp?’ remarked one Twitter user.

Since I do not like spreading rumors, neither about one of his movie/music projects, nor about his personal stuff, I decided to share this nevertheless. I personally do accept his decisions and privacy etc. and I know very well how a certain angle of a photo or the light might make you look different . So, I read a lot of statements from people who have met him throughout the tour, confirming that he was all healthy and happy when meeting them. I’m asking you guys: please do NOT spread any rumors about health issues or whatever when there are none! Yes, it’s up to you to be concerned and worried when seeing someone losing weight or whatever, but Johnny seems to be fine, so please let your concerns stay concerns and not turn into rumors.


  • Have to admit that he actually looks pretty ill… That’s got nothing to do with spreading rumours. That’s just my opinion!

  • Everything will be fine. Good luck and happiness.

  • I have been following this boy since he began. Those of us who have followed JD all these years know and understand he loves channeling whatever mood strikes and motivates him. I honestly believe what people are mistakingly seeing in him as being ill and pale is the fact they’re not used to seeing him without facial hair or long hair hanging in his face. Those two things alone do a lot to hide one’s age and yes JD is getting older as is everybody. Given the list of movies he made this last year on top of the grueling legal battles he’s dealing with,the boy deserves some good R&R. I’m happy he’s back with the Vamps doing this tour is something he thoroughly loves.
    Rock On JD ❣ HUGS 🤗

  • I totally agree with you, Debbie. I am also so happy he’s back with the vamps doing this tour. Some people do not realize that Johnny is a human being as is everybody, he’s a great artist but he remains a human being.
    As Cerealkyler clearly wroted on social media :
    “…PS, he is FINE. We move around a lot at a erratic pace and we are all fucking exhausted. Does ANYONE look great as soon as they open their eyes? Does anyone look great when they are sleeping? What about when they’ve been on a plane every day for the last month bouncing around the world? No I know I don’t.”
    Be AWARE of all that!
    So, enjoy your tour, guys. Love U:)

  • I hope Johnny is okay. But if he was not, he would not doing a concerts !

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Johnny for tomorrow.
    We all love you so much.

    Love Naiomi

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