Hollywood Vampires Perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Hollywood Vampires performed two songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

Last night, Hollywood Vampires appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s outdoor stage to play two songs: first, David Bowie’s “Heroes” and their own “I Want My Now.” I was glad to see that Johnny took on the lead in “Heroes”, turning it in more than just a heavy metal ballad. He really touched me with his performance – again!

For those of you who don’t know yet, “I Want My Now” is the opening track on the new album Rise (June 21st). The entire album contains 16 tracks, is produced by Tommy Henriksen and is the second full-length effort from the band. “Heroes” will also be on the album.

Make sure to watch the band’s performance on Jimmy’s video above. I also added photos (screen captures will follow!) to the photo gallery.
Addition: By the way, I’m super, super sorry for the inconvenience about the gallery. It has been unreachable for a couple of days, due to our site being transferred to another server. Luckily, the gallery is up again.


  • Johnny sounds terrific. Just waiting for tomorrow

  • Songs are great! Johnny is looking better and happier than I’ve seen him in awhile.
    my rock star he is 😊

  • Watching Johnny preform this song for many months now, different concerts different countries, each time growing stronger and more confident. But in last night’s preformance it was the best I’ve seen him yet❣ In fact the entire band looks amazing last night❣ Such a powerfully strong positive energy flowed around him, he just beamed with strength and confidence❣ His voice, pure heaven❣ And the powerful strength he feels and deep emotion that he puts into this song each time he sings it makes me feel it’s sort of become his fight song, good against evil, right against wrong. I know he still has hurdles to jump, but in that moment last night it felt as if our Johnny was back🤗 on top 🤗 where he belongs❣🤗🥰

  • I totally agree with all of you 🙂 Johnny was great and his bandmates too 🙂 Thanks guys!!!
    A praise to you, dear Johnny 🙂
    My heart heard nothing but audible gold from your mouth.
    Your ether’s well fashioned larynx —
    Gave birth to melodious utterance.
    If hearing your reading voice was melody itself
    What word will satisfy your art
    Singing voice?
    May Melody be redefined. Your voice is melody.

  • You guys are verry tallentant an awsom Johnny is a good.singer you all rock

  • you guys are great, can’t wait till you come to Kc, i will be in the front row so i can see how wonderfully beautiful Johnny is up close. Can’t wait please come much love

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