Hollywood Vampires “Heroes” Video

The video for Hollywood Vampires’ “Heroes” cover is online.

As the new Hollywood Vampires album Rise‘s official release date (June 21) is coming closer, the band/its management released the video for their cover of David Bowie‘s song Heroes. What do you guys think? Johnny’s voice is just… wow. Do you agree?


  • Rock’n roll voice! Beautiful! Hey Johnny!

  • This song sounds incredible. You guys did an amazing job with it. You should feel very proud. I can’t wait to hear more.

  • The first time I saw him sing this was last year when people were posting their videos of the Vampires European tour. I swear I must have played numerous clips of Johnny singing Heroes 24-hour straight. I couldn’t get enough❣🥰❣ I LOVE listening to his voice whether he’s speaking or singing It’s a Sweet Sound❣🤗

  • Wow…!Thanks for the clip, always love watching and listening him playing…songs or roles in movies, whatever he’s doing with his heart 🙂 and oops, it’s 9th June, happy birthday Johnny!

  • Awesome video!! Johnny paid great tribute to David Bowie! I like to listen to his voice as well 🙂 Proud of him and Hollywood Vampires 🙂

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