Hollywood Vampires “Heroes” Screen Captures

Screen Captures of “Heroes” have been uploaded.

As the title reveals, I finally added 89 HQ screen captures of Johnny performing “Heroes” (originally by David Bowie) along with his bandmates Joe Perry and Alice Cooper. The cover song is on the second Hollywood VampiresRise“, which was released on June 21.


  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to add all those really great pictures of our hero! Something I’ll never grow tired of is looking at his beautiful face!!!

  • Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!It is very interested the emotional power that black & White gives to images, it reflects some kind of nostalgic feel, with something that is part of the timeless and poetry.

  • Johnny has been through a lot in his life and I’m so glad he is able to come out of his shell with group. He is so much happier! Thanks for sharing these screenshots!

  • YUP!I totally agree! It’s a warm and wonderful feeling watching him really enjoying life now once again! Truly laughing a genuine laugh and joking with the guys. It was so torturous watching him in so much pain and anguish living with her and then the suffering he went through trying to survive it all!

  • This has been my favorite song for the past 3 decades. I have loving this for years.
    Born in Rio came to USA when 4 traveled everywhere and lived in Brazil for summers. Was an operating room nurse until I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had to stop. I am now writing children’s books. The Yellow Cookie Jar is on Amazon and world love it if you could possibly read it one day. I love you and your movies. I am concerned about you and your problems. Fighting for you and hoping that I would be lucky enough to meet you before I die. Having this disease has made me a recluse and I am not able too get out much. I don’t expect to be living very much longer and I am hoping that maybe one day soon I will get to see you in person. Maybe that’s why I am still here. I am not a stalker or a person who tells stories. I just appreciate you and my heart goes out to you now. If there is any way possible to help you don’t hesitate to ask me for your help. All I really want is for you to free free to visit me soon or see you in a concert.All my regards and love. Mary Ellen

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