Happy Birthday, Johnny

Happy 55th birthday, Johnny. We wish you all the best of everything!

Today, June 09, 2018, Johnny is celebrating his 55th birthday and on behalf of Johnny Depp Network we’d like to wish him a wonderful time on that special day. All the best of everything to him and may he spend his special day with the ones he loves. He’s currently touring with the Hollywood Vampires, so he’s hopefully having a great day today.

We’d also like to take the chance to thank him again for so many years of bringing us joy, happiness, tears, laughter, smiles with the characters you portray in movies and music you play on stage. You’re simply amazing and your talent is touching our souls. Make sure to keep up the good work to enrich our lives with many more special moments with you.

We love you!


  • Happy Birthday Johnny! Enjoy your day!

  • Have a great day Johnny!

  • Happy birthday 🎂 you beautiful boy❣Wishing you a day of great pleasure to your liking that makes you feel the happiest❣ ❣ ❣ Enjoy this Milestone year, you wear it well!!! Don’t let the number this birthday rings, bring you down, it’s only a number! Enjoy this tour with YOUR 😘 band, and the many more to come!!! Even though it only took 36yrs to form the perfect band, and 43yrs to get to where you are today. THANK YOU for filling in those in between years with all those amazing movies you made and sharing your Awesomeness with us❣ Blessings MY DEAR BOY ❣ Much Love and Many Hugs🤗

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