“City of Lies” Pulled From Release Schedule

Sadly, one of Johnny’s movie projects, the upcoming Notorious B.I.G. film City of Lies,” has been pulled has been pulled by Global Road Entertainment a month before it was slated to hit theaters.

The movie was scheduled to be released September 7, 2018 but is now undated, a spokesman for the distributor said Monday. The feature is based on the book “LAbyrinth,” which tells the story of the police investigation into the deaths of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

Last month Johnny was sued by a location manager involved in the production who said the actor punched him. Those of you who know me, know that I do not give much about rumors, but I wanted to let you know that it is claimed, that this has got something to do with the movie’s probably delayed release.


  • ive been waiting for this release 🙁 do you think they will eventually release it?

  • 😔 It’s just one thing after another for him, and hard to know truth from lies. What I do know is the fact he’s been through so very much in a short amount of time! A person would have to be made of ice to not be deeply affected by all of this! What I am positive of is that no matter what the issue is or maybe about I will always firmly stand strong with and behind Johnny forever❣

  • I will stand by Johnny no matter what to the very end!

  • I really hate how every new article that comes out about this movie writers use the term “Johnny Depp’s” movie… I don’t understand that. Did he write it, did he direct it, did he produce it or back it? Seems like just another reason to keep bad press going about Johnny!!!

    • I do too ..the reason they say Johnny’s movie is because he stars in it…and yes it’s another reason to keep bad press going about Johnny.

  • when is the movie city of lies coming out to the theaters now the director dropped the lawsuit.

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