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ust as a drug trip, the day was an upward motion from reality to a dream, with its rise and its flash when I met Johnny and remembering our meeting when I went to bed after a very special trip.

THE PRESS CONFERENCE: A bad beginning. For the beginning of the day, I’m not really lucky. The press conference is over-crowded and I couldn’t enter the room. Anyway, I didn’t have the right pass. The access is only authorized to the journalists with the pink pass and I had the white. But there was another way to watch the press conference. On the first floor of The Festival Palace, there was a place where you can sit on deck-chairs (as if you were on the beach) and follow the press conference live as it is broadcast on TV Festival ! ! ! A lot of people agree with me when I say that’s the best way to hear and record a press conference. You’re well installed and the sound is better for your recorder. That’s how I saw and recorded the Fear and Loathing press conference. Vicki will put some clips from the conference soon with this report.

THE MOVIE: Let the delirium enter your mind. SYNOPSIS – The gonzo journalist Raoul Duke is scheduled to write an article about a motorcycle race in Las Vegas. He travels there with his attorney, Dr Gonzo, driving a crimson convertible full of every sort of drug and pharmaceutical product. They begin a savage drug-fueled trip into the heart of the American Dream. REVIEW – The most interesting part of this movie is Gilliam’s choice to dedicate the entire movie to his characters, by the cinematography, the special effects and the editing, to make the audience live the trip of the individuals from inside. Sure, Gilliam uses too much moving animals for the hallucinations. But the choice of the frames, the deep focus, the colors, the filters, the design ? Las Vegas is absolutely fabulous ? the acting a little exaggerated from Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro but exactly right for their mad characters. The editing which follows the trip exactly, slow or fast depending of the characters’ mind, give the film wealth, which make the hallucinatory trip of the two individuals almost palpable. Terry Gilliam tells a story showing the trip at the good and bad moments, without any morality about drug-addiction in his filmmaking. People may regret his no-engagement against drugs, but it’s an artistic choice depending on his interpretation of the novel upon which the movie is based. The two characters don’t care about the consequences of their behaviour. They just enjoy their journey in Las Vegas, experiencing with drugs the limits of their bodies. That may be shocking for our 90’s eyes, but we have to remember the spirit of the 1971 Hunter Thompson novel. Gilliam’s filmmaking gives a light and humorous but finally realistic description of the perception of drugs in the early seventies. Finally, the only reproach we can address to Terry Gilliam is having lost his idea by giving a sort of morality in two sentences about the drug consequences at the end of the movie, granting to the American morality at the end of a great movie which was just a glance without any message on the story of two individuals.

THE PARTY: The apogee of the trip. In spite of my invitation, it was hard to enter the party. The guards made me wait about 20 minutes. The reason was Johnny Depp himself. He was inside with Kate Moss so the organizers didn’t want too many people around them. After this long wait during such an important moment in my life, I finally entered with friends. First we went to the bar to have some Champagne. Then I went to the area for dancing just to prove to my friends that I’m not there only to see JD but also to have fun. I was very surprised to see Johnny just one meter in front of me, seated at a table with Kate Moss. Arrrrgggghhhh! That’s not a dream : he is there. As I looked again, I saw him talking to someone I knew. So I went over to them, to say hello to my friend and of course to Johnny. Very politely, he talked to me and I answered him stupid stuffs like “Hi ? How are you ? Good Champagne ? Enjoy your party ?” I didn’t want to disturb them anymore. Johnny was touching Kate’s hands for a while and he didn’t seem to enjoy the party very much. So I went back to the dancing area. A few minutes later, he left to attend another party for “The Ninth Gate”. Around three o’clock, I decided to go to bed, my mind full of pictures of the coolest man I’ve ever met. Sure he said those things to me to be polite. He certainly must have said the same words to a lot of people during the party and ours was a 2-minutes meeting that he surely does not remember. Anyway, I was really happy to meet him. He IS really cool.


from johnnydeppfan


I met Johnny and Terry Gilliam on their press tour for Fear and Loathing. They did an interview at our radio station and I thought I would pass a picture along to you. Johnny was the nicest guest we have ever had at the station and Terry was constantly cracking jokes and laughing. Along with the souvenir picture, I salvaged one of Johnny’s cigarette butts and have it in a test tube. This is not something I normally do, but hey, you take what you can get.

I knew that there was a possibility that Johnny and Terry Gilliam would stop by the station that evening for the interview, but there was more of a possibility that they would call in or not come by at all. Knowing my luck, it would be the latter. Unfortunately I had spent the previous evening at a local “watering” hole and was suffering the next day from too much “water”. Clad in jeans and a shirt freshly crumpled from the floor, I stumbled into work unprepared for an actual face to face meeting with anyone out of the ordinary. One hour before we were off the air we got the news, from our “Italian connection,” that they were coming by after all. Nervousness set in. No amount of makeup or hair-styling could help me at this point. At least the dirty shirt had aired out.

Terry and Johnny arrived and I was sent to bring them into the studio. What the hell, all I usually get to do is pull music and make bad jokes, maybe put in an order for food. I am totally honest when I say that I am horrible at recognizing people. Also that I wasn’ t really sure what Johnny looked like, because, well…I’m stupid. So, I took the back door out of the studio and headed down the hall to the lobby. The offices were closed so there wasn’t anyone else in the building. I could see a group of people at the end of the hall where it was dark, and then there was a guy walking towards me, heading towards the men’s room. I said, “Hi” and rushed by him wondering what that “deer-in-the-headlights” look was on his face for. When I reached the lobby, I realized that everyone there was either old or female. The guy I passed in the hall and ignored was Johnny. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why am I so stupid?

Johnny came in and introduced himself to everyone in the room and shook hands. I sat in the corner and tried not to drool, rock back and forth and laugh hysterically. During the whole interview, Johnny chain-smoked and I dreamt of days to come where I could sit in a damp basement and roll his cigarettes for him. Hour after hour, day by day. Anyway, after the interview, I was running commercials and Johnny was signing things and taking pictures. I had to get in one of these. So, I left one of the interns at the board and told him which buttons to punch. He looked scared to death. What’s more important, a picture with Johnny or a little dead air? I leaped like a gazelle to the other side of the room and was making my move to stand next to Johnny in the pic and somehow I got caught in a Jedi-body-switch manuver and ended up a person away. Aaack. Oh well. On their way out, Johnny shook my hand and remembered my name. I thought that was very cool. In an equally un-cool move, I grabbed the ashtray and kept a cigarette butt for myself. It is now hanging in a test tube from my ceiling, right next to Mike D’s plastic cup with protein drink residue. On a completely different note, Johnny and Kate broke up the next week. Maybe my impression wasn’t so bad…

Paris Film Festival

I met Johnny on Sunday, April the 5th of 1998: he was there to give an award at the ending ceremony of the Paris film festival, where his friend Sean Penn was the President of the Jury. I was at this festival but people without invitation weren’t allowed to be present in the theater for the ending ceremony, so I decided to wait a moment behind the barrier to see some stars. And then, he arrived (with his director Roman Polanski). I was totally crazy because it wasn’t provided he would be there.

Briefly, he was exactly as Sam has written: very nice, generous and smiling with everybody (when the guy by my side gave to him a 1 dollar banknote to sign it, he said joking “am I worth only this price?”). He signed lots of autographs and allowed lots of pictures. And when a man who was with him told him he had to enter the theater, he wanted to stay longer to sign other autographs and take pictures with fans who were behind the other barrier. An angel!!! (Contrary to Sean Penn who hadn’t stopped when he had passed very quickly in front of fans, before Johnny). He was the star who stayed the longest time with fans, and when he was gone, everyone said he was great. Since this day, I love him still more. I took 2 photos of Johnny, but I didn’t talk to him because I was too impressed to tell him something interesting, I prefered to be quiet.

encounter from johnnydeppfan


Background: Summer-Fall 1995 I went to the Viper Room a few times, the energy was amazing! I went on December 31st. Sandra Bernhardt was performing, which was terrific.

Suddenly, I turned-around and I saw Kate Moss sitting on the back of the booth near the bathrooms, and I said to myself “He’s gotta be here!” I looked down from Kate, and there he was, sitting in the booth drinking wine. Hair hanging in his face, being kind of sullen.

Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape have touched me deeply. I so wanted to tell him, but there was no getting near him with all the bodyguards. Flea showed-up. It was quite the scene.

Nevertheless, the crowd (and bodyguards) became casual by 2AM, when I was coming out of the men’s room, and there he was, standing right next to me: tee shirt and cords, very Johnny. I lingered for a moment, as he was talking with someone. I considered approaching him, but didn’t want to be rude by butting- in.

Suddenly, he headed-off down those stairs, into the night. Maybe some other time!


John Tesh’s producer’s encounter

A few years ago, when I was the Marketing Director for John Tesh?s music I heard that Johnny Depp?s trailer was parked right outside my office on the Paramount lot. He was shooting a film on a stage right behind the Mae West building where I worked.

That put me in a bit of a fix. I had a policy against any sort of star deference on the lot. It was rampant and kind of sickening and I wanted no part of it. I routinely passed Kevin Costner, Niles from Fraiser, Tom Cruise and others while walking around to the catering truck or on errands and we would smile and nod, like anyone else. I once had a temp assignment working for Patrick Stewart. Being no fan of Star Trek, I didn?t know who he was until someone told me later that morning. At lunch, Patrick and his girlfriend came back all lit up. Apparently Pierce Brosnan was right outside, having also eaten at the Commissary. I didn?t say anything.

?Pierce Brosnan!? Patrick told me. “Don?t you like him??

?I don?t know who that is.?

?James Bond!? his girlfriend blurted.

?James Bond! Don?t you know James Bond?? Patrick asked me, leaning over my desk to make the point right in my face.

?Listen,? I said, ?I didn?t know who you were until about fifteen minutes ago.?

But Johnny Depp?I knew who he was. And he was on my short list. What to do?what to do?

Part of my job was to manage the swag?the merchandise?John Tesh cds, videos, t-shirts. I didn?t have much to offer. I got out a piece of letterhead and tried to tell him what I needed him to know.


I was in Macon, Georgia when I discovered you three years ago?watching What?s Eating Gilbert Grape with my family. We?re still quoting that movie. So?years of laughs, then. And then there was Arizona Dream and Benny and Joon and Dead Man. The thing is, I never thought I?d have the chance to tell you?to thank you for doing what you do. And to let you know about just one family whose days you made better.

And also to thank you for not becoming what this industry insists you become. For doing this on your own terms.

Keep shining?

I pulled one of the coveted wool John Tesh tour jackets from the top shelf and put it in the box.

PS Didn?t want you to be the only one of your friends not to have one of these.

And with a lick and kiss it was done. I walked it next door to Stage 19.

?Is Johnny Depp here?? I asked the stage manager?

?Yes he?s right there ? just finishing up this scene ? give him just a minute.?

?No no ? will you please just give him this for me??

?Why don?t you give it to him ? I?m sure he?d love that and he?ll be done in just a minute,? she whispered.

?Really,? I told her, ?I?ve said everything I have to say in the letter ? I don?t want to put him on the spot but do please make sure that he gets it. Will you??

?Yeah if you?re sure,? she said.


That was late Friday afternoon.

What a kick. To get to let him know. How often does that happen.

By Sunday I?d forgotten all about it.

Monday morning I walked into my office to a ringing phone.

?John Tesh Productions? ?

?I?m looking for Samantha.?

?This is Samantha.?

?This is Johnny.?

John Tesh is on a plane, I?m thinking, Oklahoma bound, and why is he calling himself Johnny to me. How creepy. Too early. I didn?t respond.

?Johnny Depp?? he continued.

I sat down on top of my desk, reminding myself we?re all people and trying to breathe normal and not say anything that would give me away.

?Hi Johnny.? Safe enough.



?That is one of the coolest, sweetest, funniest things that?s happened to me and I have to meet you.?

?Oh you don?t,? I told him. ?Really that?s so good of you but you don?t have to do that.?

?No I do! I want to ? I have to meet you. And by your letterhead I can see you?re close. Will you come to my trailer??

I flashed back to bands of my youth. Not the old ?ever see the inside of a tour bus? line. But no, he wasn?t like that. Something told me he wasn?t.

?Sure,? I said.

?Come soon,? he said. ?Today is our last day of shooting and we?ll be done by noon. Will you really come??

He sounded entirely earnest.

?Yes I?ll come.?

?Great ? I?m looking forward to it.?

I sat on my desk for a few minutes, replaying the conversation ? burning it into my memory. Then I called Ingrid upstairs.

??so how long do I wait??

?Go now!? she said. ?Johnny Depp has invited you over — GO!?

?One hour it is!?

The minutes took forever and I knew I was taking a chance to wait. But pride wouldn?t let me do otherwise.

The hour passed. By the time I got to his trailer, I was having a hard time passing for nonchalant. Who?s nonchalant in the middle of a dream coming true? How fraudulent.

The door was cracked and I knocked and someone said to come in. When I opened it the sun poured in on exactly four Johnny Depps sitting side by side on the sofa. Stand-ins and doubles all dressed exactly the same. The one on the right end leaned forward, then the one in the middle almost stood up. The one on the far left smiled and nudged the one next to him. (Will the real Johnny Depp PLEASE…) ?I ? I?m??

The one on the end stood up. ?Samantha??


He leaned down so as not to hit his head as he strode across to the door with his hand out. Then he came down the steps and hugged me and thanked me and asked if I had time for a walk. At first I didn?t know how to be. ?Yes but I really don?t have anything to say ? I told it to you in the letter.?

?That?s ok,? he said. ?I have some things to say.?

?Oh yeah??>

?Yeah! What?s it like working for John Tesh??

“It’s uh?”

We both laughed and it was entirely normal and easy and funny and familiar?like we?d known each other from way back.

?Well do I look like you imagined me?? I asked at the end. He looked down and gave my overalls a tug. ?Exactly.?

I saw him a couple years later at the party for the premiere of SLEEPY HOLLOW and he stopped talking to Marilyn Manson when I walked by. He looked at me like you do when someone is vaguely familiar but you?re seeing them somewhere you?re not used to seeing them and you just can?t put it together. But he did stop talking mid-sentence and smiled and said hello. It was enough.

He is enough. In a town where egos are huge and presents are always looked upon with suspicion or the idea that they are owed, he is more than enough. He plays a different game. >

A few years later, working in the international marketing department of Paramount Pictures, a publicist acquaintance had to get down an interview with Johnny Depp at the Cannes Film Festival in France where Depp now lives. He came by my office afterwards. ?How was it?? I asked, feeling somehow like I was asking after a distant friend.

He shook his head. ?He doesn?t even shower. He?s a lousy interview. His hair was filthy. He wouldn?t even put on a clean shirt. He wore the same shirt for three days in a row. We offered him a clean one.? I was laughing. ?It?s not funny,? he snorted.

Oh yes it is. It?s brilliant. He?s found a way to keep the dogs at bay.

As recently as Sunday night at the Golden Globes, Joan and Melissa Rivers deemed him the absolute worst-dressed. Must?ve been a real feather in his cap. The truth is he?s never looked better ? he just didn?t look like what the industry had dictated the ?look? is for such events.

Whatever you think, he?s inching his way through the cesspool of Hollywood moviestardom. Tuesday he was officially nominated for his first Oscar ? fittingly enough, a role in which he plays a pirate.

And from Macon to LA ? we?re pulling for you. We?ll be holding the back door open for you ? we?ve watched long enough to know how you come in.

Charles meets Johnny in a bar

I had the pleasure to make small talk with Johnny a few years back, while waiting for a beer to arrive from a, lucky for me, “Slow as Moses” bartender. The talk was an amusing attack on the bar’s population all looking exactly the same (fake tits and bleached blonde hair, mixed with the polished GQ Smooth look of fancy hotel toilet bowl)! I guess you had to be there to really savor the statement’s full impact. In any event, he ended up buying my beer and, after my cigarette lighter failed to spark a flame, he lit a match and shared the flame with me.

After sharing his match with me, and going our seperate ways, Johnny and I bumped into each other again that same night as we, and the people we were with, were leaving. He asked if I had a good time, I said I did, then introduced my guests to him, which he shook their hands, then he patted me on the back and handed me his book of matches which are “VIPER ROOM” issue (Black book, with a green pair of dice and a female serpent woman on the cover). Telling me that “it might be a long night, and a night without fire should be a crime.” On the inside of the cover, a hand written message reads “Call Tim, Monday”.


When my family lived in California, my brother and I both did some acting. I was hopeless and managed only a few small parts in commercials and stuff. My brother was the one with the talent and to this day I think that if we hadn’t move to New Zealand, he would have made it big.

A few days after my seventeenth b-day, we both got a call saying we were to be extras in the movie Cry Baby! At first I was bumbed cause I wanted a big part, but I got over that and was all psyched to be in a big movie! OF course, I didn’t know Johnny Depp was in it until just before filming started.

I was supposed to be a drape, so was my bro, but at the last minute they dropped me saying they had ‘over casted’. My brother got to keep his role, and when he came home and told me who was in the movie I almost died! My bro is in heaps of scenes. The part were Cry Baby sings ‘Tear Drops are Falling’ and he’s in the crowd when he does the cry baby song. In fact he is in a lot more than that, but you don’t see him in the others. He met Johnny heaps of times, and they even had a smoke together while waiting for filming to start one day.

On the last day of filming, I was spilling over with stories about Johnny my bro had told me. Like how when at the end were Alison comes to the jail and they are doing that bit were she’s rubbing up against the glass, Johnny kept on laughing and the chick got really pissed off! I think that’s so cool! And also the rumours about Johnny and the woman playing Alison falling in love was complete bull, because they didn’t really get along at all, in fact, apparently when they were filming, they hardly said a word to each other!

But on the last day of filming, the whole cast, including extras, were invited to a little party to say thanks and goodbye. I was so jealous he got to go socialize with the spunkiest guy ever, until he told me I could go!! Apparently he had told the director, and Johnny about how I had been dropped, and how disappointed I was, so they said I could come and meet every body!!!AHHHH!

Now be honest, wouldn’t you spend half a year trying to make your self look gorg so one look and Johnny would fall madly in love with you? Well I would have liked to, but my darling brother told me about three seconds before he left, so I left the house in a pair of baggy, holey jeans, and a little tank top! I must have looked like crap but I probably would have gone in a pair of PJs to meet Johnny-god-how-could-he-be-that-fine-Depp!

When we got there, it wasn’t like I had thought it would be, all there was was a few tables set out under a tent thing, with heaps of food and drink. I was the only one there who wasn’t dressed to kill, well, out of the girls anyway! They must have had the same thing, or person, on their minds, and were using all their acting ability to try not to act like they were drooling over Johnny who sat quietly in the corner with the director. We stood around a few minutes, then the director said a few words which I didn’t really care about considering I was in the same room with the love of my life!*S*(Hey, I was seventeen!)

Just before we left, everyone went around shaking hands with cast, and producers etc, including me because I guess they just thought I was one of the extras they hadn’t noticed before. We shook hands with the stars, like the woman who played Hatchet Face (who’s not so bad looking in real life by the way) and Alison, who was really nice and said ‘hi how are you’s’ to every one.

When Johnny was like a meter away from me I started panicking, if he shock my hand I would never be able to love another because I would always compare them to Johnny! But nevertheless as he got closer I decided I would have to take that chance!*S* To my surprise, when he got to my brother he proved that he hadn’t been full of it when he said he had talked to him. JOHNNY DEPP SHOCK MY BROTHERS HAND AND GOES: “Hey Jake(My bro), how’s it going man…” My brother didn’t even flinch, just turned to me and goes. “This is my sister…” I could have killed him! I thought he was going to say some thing like “She’s such a loser she made me bring her”. But instead Johnny smiled at me! AHHHH!!! And goes. “Nice to meet you. Your brother told me you got kicked off the extras list…” He held out his hand and I felt about two feet tall. Yah, I thought, this is a good impression. I took his hand and he added; “Don’t worry about it, this business can be shit like that, just keep your foot in the door, and some one will notice you…” Then he said some thing else to my bro that I didn’t hear cause he said it softly and the room was noisy, but my brother recons he goes… “She’s pretty, she’ll go far” But I think he’s full of it. Still, wouldn’t it be cool if it was what he said?

As he was about to walk off he goes “Remember, keep trying okay…?” I nodded, and all I could think of to say was “Yeah, okay, thanks…” He smiled again and was lost in the crowd. Just like that. That was the most romantic experience I thought I could ever have at seventeen, but as I stood there like a moron looking after him, my brother goes “He knows your name, and the director has our number, so maybe he’l call you!” I turned to him and scouled. “Shut up! As if Johnny Depp is going to call me, he doesn’t even know me!’ Then he told me what he had supposedly said and I almost passed out. For like two months after that ever time the phone rang I dived at it, and answered it in my most sophisticated voice. However, he never called, and to this day, when the phone rings I have to be the first to answer it! 🙂