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As Filming Continues in Columbus Excitement Continues to Build

Everyone Hopes for a Glimpse of Johnny in the Small Town of Columbus Hundreds of fans stand on ready to catch a glimpse of their favorite Public Enemies Actor-Johnny Depp.

Depp was appreciative of the crowd and waved often out the window of the vintage car used for shooting.

Even those far from the action enjoyed themselves, but the woman in Columbus with the best chance of meeting Depp may be 84 year old Mary Poser, a Columbus Physician.
Poser’s mansion will be the location of two key scenes in the movie. One scene includes turning her mansion into a brothel where a love scene takes place between Depp and Cotillard. Poser said “People always ask me, Does your house have a name?” and now she has one, she said brightly. “The Brothel”.

Article Credit-Wisconsin State Journal

Although many reposts have said that Johnny will be in Chicago filming next week, an inside source has told us that the crew will actually start filming in Oshcosh Wisconsin next week for the week. So if you are planning on going to Chicago to try and catch a glimpse of Johnny, you better hold off a couple of days.

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First Day of Public Enemies Completes

The First Day of Filming Completes and even
though no official schedule has been released
the rumor is they will head to Darlington to
film a scene at the Lafayette Courthouse on
Wednesday and return to Columbus the Following

Suzanne Neuman and Mary Schuster were pleasantly
surprised when Johnny Depp drove past there home
serveral times filming a chase scene.
The girls standing by got a friendly Hello
from Depp, “There was these little girls waving and
saying, “Hi Johnny”. Schuster, of sun Praire said,
“He waved and said “Hi Sweeties”. He was clean-shaven
with a nice little hat on.

Filming In Columbus has really put this little town on the map.

Here’s a Video From the set

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The Excitement in Columbus Builds Public Enemies Will Begin Filming Today

The Set
Downtown Columbus is Set to Start Filming
Public Enemies Today. The city was alive
with excitement as the finishing touches
were put on the set and onlookers showed
great interest despite colder temperatures.

The filming is set to start today through
Thursday. Threats of rain caused concern
for David Fulton, the unit publicist for
the movie, but the filming schedule has not
yet been altered.

Lisa Weisensel, a teacher in town said:
“A lot of the students were looking forward
to Friday ? their last day before spring
break ? and talking about bringing their
parents down here, All the kids were abuzz
about when they’ll get to see Johnny Depp.”

Article Credit Reference Wisconsin Portage Daily Register

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Open Casting Call For Public Enemies

It has been announced that there will be a public open casting call for the film on Sunday Feb. 16th 2008 at Monona Terrace in Madison Wisconsin. Here are the particulars:

men no taller than 6’1″, women should be no taller than 5’8″, and no larger than a size 12. We are also looking for children of all ages.”

Hopefuls attending the casting call are also recommended to arrive dressed in specific outfits, detailed in the announcement:

Men: Dark to medium suit, tie, and an overcoat (not brown) and dress shoes. As this is a period piece, it is very important that your hair be kept long; therefore do not cut your hair. If you have long hair, pull back in a ponytail.

Women: Dark to medium dress and skirt and sweater, overcoat and pumps (med heel). Set hair in curlers the night before and arrive with hair brushed out.
Applicants are also requested to bring a recent color photo and a pen to fill out a registration form.

Good Luck and please include us in any positive results! We would love to hear from you!

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Johnny’s Brand New Film!!

After the writers strike caused Johnny?s current film in India, The Rum Diaries, to stall; he has found a new project with the Oscar nominated director Michael Mann. Mann?s new project is called Public Enemies. It is a depression-era film about the notorious criminals including the bank robber John Dillinger, which will be played by Johnny. According to the Associated Press, Mann and Johnny shook hands and made the deal on Wednesday before the Hollywood premiere of Sweeny Todd. This part will be no stretch for Johnny, who leans toward Dillenger’s style of Dress and cool attitude when it comes to the public eye. Among their other many similarities. So hold on to your hats because Johnny will start to film in Chicago in March..
~Thanks to Beth

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Swashbucklers Amaze Entertainment and Beuna Vista Games

Dead Man’s Chest is the perfect example of how film based games should be developed – By Tobias Rowe for

You will take control of the film’s notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, an insane pirate with a more than fond affection for Jamaican rum. At every island and location you will have to face different enemies, solve various puzzles and journey your way through dungeons, jungles and swamps.

Jack Sparrow looks fantastic for one and it is shocking to see that his game imitation looks near identical to the real life Johnny Depp.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is one of the few film-based games I have not been able to put down. An adventure you cannot miss…

For the in-depth analysis by Tobias Rowe please visit the website.

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