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over 500 magazine scans added

After our dear magazines staffer got into some private trouble and at the end had to quit, the magazines pages of the last year were left very empty. Sorry for that!

Today, I added far over 500 new magazine scans from June 2006 until February 2008 to our magazines section – especially Hiro3’s great Japanese magazine scans.

Sadly, living here in Germany and without scanner, I have only little chance to get the more interesting US and UK magazines into my hands –

PLEASE, if you have scans (scanned by yourself or with the people who scanned it allowing you sending it in), send them in by email to MAGAZINES (at) JOHNNY-DEPP.ORG –
also not only now that you read these news, but every time you have him in one of your magazines. Credits will be given.

new magazine scans

Although with a broken laptop, Conny had the chance to add some new galleries/magazines to the magazine sites May till August 2006.
Thanks a lot to Annie (Lucky Number Josh

Click here to check them out:
August, July, June, may

Also – I’ve added the site with screencaps from Lady Blue (1985)

In the movies section we added some info sites for PotC2 and 3 (with help of hannah from Sparrow in Flight as well as sites for Sweeney Todd, Lady Blue and the movies Johnny was rumored to play in.


The genius of Johnny Depp

The Culling by D. Allan Kerr: The genius of Johnny Depp writes that Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow is genuine genius. What Johnny Depp has done here is inspiring – instead of sacrificing himself on the public altar to win over the masses, he has brought the masses to him.

He created something so original and with such panache that the entire world not only has to pay attention to it, they can’t get enough of it. By now the media has left little doubt Depp’s inventive portrayal of Capt. Jack Sparrow is the primary reason for the success of the “Pirates” films…

Magazines sites updated

In 4 days of hard work we got the new structure into the galleries/magazines
section. We added mags until back to 1990, some rare treasures, only mags
from the recent months are not yet there (please send them in if you
have some!!)