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New skin

I added a new layout to the site for you to chose –
featuring Johnny Depp (of course) on the latest Rolling Stones cover.

See a preview here and click the icon to use the brand new layout:

Johnny Depp layout 1

The myspace also got this layout.

I hope, you like it!

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new Skin and Navigation

Because the old navigation was very complex as well as the script I used, I decided to shorten it, so that you have to click onto the headlines before you come to the single sites.
If you have javascript disabled, you’ll see the navigation open as one long navi.

I also divided it in another way, so that now the Johnny himself section is divided from the movies.

Additionally I added a new skin originally created for my fanlisting collective – featuring “Johnny on Kate” from the 1994 Leibovitz Photo Session.
I hope, you like it, you can view it here (click to come to that layout):


Besides the layouts I added some cool new stuff to the Shop, with many new At World’s End stuff and some Dead Man’s Chest games/piano books – and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff in General.

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New Skin #11

The wonderful Silence (her site is Ka-tet) donated a beautiful beautiful new Skin made of the Chessum shooting from the year 2000.

Click here to try it:

new Johnny Depp layout

I really hope, you like it!!!

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New Skin (#10)

Amaranth made such a wonderful vector graphic of the “Johnny as Rrose Selavy” pic,
so I decided to make a new skin for JDorg from it.

So, here it is, I hope, you like the graphic and the layout:

Skin #10

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New Skin!! #8

As a Christmas Present for all the visitors I created an 8th skin, featuring the newer pic of the Rolston Photo Session 2006.

See a preview here, and chose it by clicking onto the thumbnail.

I really hope, you like it,
it looks btter in big than on that thumbnail, and you can change back to another skin anytime you like, yo try it:


//additionally we can now celebrate the visitor No 500,000

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A new skin

I added a new skin –
actually I made it for my collective some days ago, but I love the pic and so I decided to use it here, too.

Check it out here:

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New Skin!!

I needed to be creative after the whole day homeworks….so I decided
to make a new layout out of the newest Jack pic…
I hope, you like it.

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