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LOTS of new Fanart

I’ve been a bit lazy lately and haven’t written an update for all of the uploads I’ve been doing.
There is new fanart in the following sections:
Avatars & Icons
Signatures and

I also re-updated the credits on each of the fanart sections as many people who’ve sent in fanart have not been credited since we redid the index. You’re all credited now, as you deserve to be!

Sorry that this update has been delayed. Enjoy the new fanart.

and additionally Sarfania added some Christmas eCards!! – Martina.

Oh yes, we’re just changing the look of the wallpapers site, sorting them into categories, so….just don’t wonder there aren’t any at the moment!!

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Yuni’s Fanart

I’ve just uploaded LOTS of new fanart from the user Yuni. Here’s what is new:
Avatars – In both the 100×100 Real life section and the 100×100 POTC section
Signatures – In both the Real Life section and the POTC section
and Wallpapers

Enjoy and keep that fanart coming!!

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Lots of new stuff!!!

Hey everyone,

I have been busy uploading some great fanart lately. Although I had a little trouble with some they are all up now and ready for you to admire.

There is a brand new Signatures in all of the signature categories made by myself, Kelly and Kari, and there are also some new Avatars and

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Avatars and Wallpapers

At the end I added some Avatars and Wallpapers made by Alex through the Secret
Santa project at the board of

I added some Signatures by Tamar (YourWorstNightmare) as well as some
wallpapers she made.
And there are some more Sigs and Wallpapers from Kari, too.

And I added some more sigs, 150×150 animated avatars I made.
Plus I found one more wallpaper made by Katha.

A new official CATCF wallpaper is to be found, too.

That should be all of fanart I got so far –
if you donated something which isn’t displayed here, please resend!

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