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Fanart Update!

I updated the goodie sections with some wonderful new pieces. Wallpaper, Drawings and a Calendar for October.

You can find everything HERE, HERE and HERE!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful donations!

Goodie Update

I added several new Goodies to the site. You can find new Icons, Signatures, Wallpapers and some wonderful drawings. So be sure to check out those new additions!

Thanks to Ashley, Isabella, Law, Ldinka, Marie Sophie, Michelle, Nazia, Raisonne, Sere and Victoria for the wonderful donations!

We’re still looking for more additions to the site. Drawings, Wallpapers, Icons or Costumes everything is welcome. So if you have something you would like to donate then please send an email to fanart [at] johnny-depp [dot] org. Especially PotC widescreen wallpapers are very welcome!!


I added many new (old) videos and clips which we got from the lovely sere.

You can find them all in our Download section

Here a list with the videos and clips:

1999: New Clip Cesar Awards
2001: Filmfestival Venice
2004: 3 Clips Academy Awards, MTV Awards, TV Interview Johnny about Vanessa, Finding Neverland Prem. Interview with Kate Winslet, OW Show Promo, Finding Neverland on set and TV ET
2005: Peoples Choice Award, Kids Choice Award, CatCF TV ET Online and Premiere TV Extra, Hand- and Foot-Cerenomy new clip, Interview Johnny about Charlie Chaplin
2006: DMC Trailer with Interviews
2007: Filmfestival Venice TV Republica

New Jonathon Shaw Article Added to the Site

In the never ending quest to understand Johnny and his world, I had become interested in those that are close to him in different ways. One of the longest friends of Johnny is Mr. Jonathan Shaw. What I expected to learn about this man from his answers was not at all what I brought away from the information before my eyes. I can truly say what had begun as intimidation, turned to pure wonder and enlightment with this man who calls Johnny his soul brother.

excerpt from article
“Watching Jonathan tattoo, you notice his hands move with the fluency of a painter as he applies his brushstrokes to the canvas. Reading his newer art form writing, the same feeling of an artist?s soul glimpsing out from beyond the shroud can be seen. I asked him if he felt this in one form more than another. […] Jonathan Shaw. There are many words different people may use to describe him. What some may see as only a shallow, brash and impetuous incendiary; actually is a true philosophical, transcendent soul. With layers of insight waiting to be peeled away.”

quoting Jonathan Shaw about Johnny
Jonathion Shaw and Johnny“You know that indefinable thing that just draws certain people to each other. Who knows? It’s like we just spoke the same language or something, right from the start.”

Continue Reading this wonderful Article Written By Lizzy Here

Steel Sparrow & PE Video

Captain Jack Sparrow made out of steel! You’ve never seen something like that before. The statue messures 224 cm and took over 1,5 month to build. Price is around 5200 ?! Right now it’s on display in Kiel/Germany. So everyone who lives in the area go and check it out!

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

Thanks to Angkor for allowing us to post those fantastic pictures! You can find all of them HERE!

And then we have this neat video Patrick send in. It shows Johnny filming a scene for Public Enemies right behind Patricks apartment. You can watch it HERE!
Thanks Patrick!

Who Wants Goodies?!

I added over 100 Wallpapers and Icons to the Goodie Section. Also some new drawings, ecards and sets for messageboards.

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

Thanks to Carollynn, Ginny, Hannah, Ldinka, Lesli, Rosalie and SuziQ for the wonderful donations!

Johnny pics from the last days

Johnny was filming in Santa Anita, LA yesterday, and we have some very very HOT pics (make sure you sit already!)

see all of those pics here

Also, I added lots…and I mean LOTS (150??) pics from between June 12 and June 27, thanks to the generous donations of Becky and Marcella also has a video from that day, thanks to Dorthe for telling uns!