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LuvDepp’s Encounter

It was fun, exciting, hot, tiring and after more than 12 hours of waiting, incredibly worth every minute! Everyone waiting was polite and gracious and it was fun talking and hanging out with other fans who were just as excited as we were. Disney did a great job of keeping things under control and tried to be informative about what was happening and when. Kiera, Orlando, Jerry and Gore, were all gracious with the fans. Johnny of course was the last one down the red carpet. He took his time with the fans and really seemed to be able to focus on the person in front of him, if only for a few seconds. You really do feel like you have his complete attention, if only for that one incredible moment. It will be a moment that I will never forget. He signed my Newsweek, I told him thank you and he looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and I felt like my knees would give out, they were knocking so badly. He said “Thank you so much for being here”. It will be a moment that I will never forget and will relive over and over in my mind.

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Charlene’s Encounter

It was surreal and just as everyone earlier on this thread has said. I really had no expectations that he would get to our little group, as it was just the luck of the draw when a celebrity came your way. He did, however, seem to get into a groove on our side. I have a tiny little video of him coming down our side, then I put the camera away in order to get my “stuff” ready.

Hmmmm, how do I put this….I think I went into a total daze…..all I know is he appeared in front of me, and we spoke and then I had him sign the cover of my F&LILV jacket, and the front of Newsweek. Then he moved on to zoners on my right……but I had a glossy pic of his head Susanne had given me to get signed (him kissing Kiera in POTC2 ~ only Susanne had lopped off Kiera, LOL) and I held it out and said Johnny please sign this for Susanne….and after he signed for some zoners and people behind us, he turned and signed Susanne’s pic. Then he switched sides.

As to the “moment”, I am just kicking myself for not “focusing”.

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Nancy (DeppInTheHeartOfTexas)’s encounter

After seeing and having short conversations with Gore, Keira and Orlando, who were all VERY gracious and appreciative, we knew Johnny would be the next on the red carpet. We finally caught a glimpse of his gray hat and dark hair as he signed for fans on the opposite side and slowly made his way up the red carpet. He crossed over to our side and my heart skipped several beats waiting for him to work his way down the line. I just knew he would cross back over before he got to us! Then he was three people away?two people away?right next to me? and then there he was, directly in front of me. The gray hat, dark – almost curly – hair, black shirt, purple glasses, leather cuff, sparrow tattoo? I had brought my copy of the William Sarroyan Reader for him to sign. The Time of Your Life is in the book and we had read it at ONBC two years ago. The prologue is one of Johnny?s favorite literary passages. I told him the book was from Oprah Noodlemantra?s Book Club and he looked up and said ?Oh, wow!? He signed the book and said ?You certainly can?t go wrong with Sarroyan.?

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Liz’s Encounter

I?m back home and ready to tell of my encounter. It was surreal. He got to DITHOT (DeppInTheHeartOfTexas from JDZ and my co-moderator there on the Oprah Noodlemantra?s Book Club forum) before me. We both had him sign the same thing?The Saroyan Reader. But I?ll let her tell that story. She said most of it and then I froze after he signed my book and only said, ?thank you? as our eyes met (He always looks fans straight in the eye). He responded with ?No. Thank you.? He lingered in front of me while signing autographs for fans behind me. I should have been taking pics but decided to take in the man instead, studying the Jack Sparrow tattoo, his leather cuff and his ?3? along with admiring his swags. He has a very delicate build and a gentle & gracious demeanor. And for those who are still wondering what he smells like–I did smell something that was not there prior to his being in front of me. It was some sort of cologne. And it disappeared as soon as he left. The pic below is the best I got. You can see a blurred Johnny and DITHOT?s hand and her book?just prior to his signing it.

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Bibi’s Encounter

Hi everyone!
Well, it’s almost one week ago and I’m (finally) able to write something about the premiere, ’cause I stayed in London till Thursday and I needed a few days to recover…

I don’t wanna bore you with a long description – you all saw the pics and know how the park looked like – I’ll sting to the interesting things.
The funny thing was that most female fans were really, really lovely and I had quite a lot of fun – but the guys were bitchy!
I mean, there were those two guys who had more than a dozen DVD’s with them (ebay, I suppose) and didn’t gave a damn about their surroundings… Wow, they were pretty nasty to my mind.
Nevertheless, I caught a good spot opposite the press. Honestly, it was hot and my feet still hate me, but seeing Johnny was a pretty good compensation!

The crowed simply went MAD when Johnny showed up – the ordinary run of things – and our man first went to the press, calm as always, then turned around and started signing, hugging and a bit of small talk. Pure Johnny.

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Anne’s Encounter

After flying to London from Ireland the day before the premiere, it still hadn?t hit me yet. I was being gradually introduced to the fact that I was going to meet the man himself for the past few days; preparation sleepover on Wednesday, made my t-shirt, Gill flew out on the Thursday, Julia went on the Friday. Since I was the last to go, we decided it would be least hassle if I put together the charm bracelet for Johnny Depp. We collectively bought the charms, particular ones catching our eyes, I can?t remember whether it was Julia or Gill who spotted the ?drama queen? charm, but we certainly all agreed that it was perfect! We thought it was best to make the bracelet completely from scratch instead of just buying a charm bracelet and attaching the charms. I went into town to buy chain and links on the Friday, smiling stupidly when I was asked if I was making the bracelet for a guy or a girl. I got home and got stuck in, still not packed for my trip the next day. After about an hour, it was done. I couldn?t hide my excitement at how well it turned out;

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Johnnybloom’s Encounter

As Johnny emerged from his black SUV he immeadiatly turned to us, his fans, and waved. As he crossed the street and made his way down the line he made personal contact with each and everyone of his fans. When he got to me he looked at me, ME, right in the eye and signed the picture I was holding. I looked at him ,then glanced down and saw the 3 tattoo. As he handed me back my picture He said, while looking into my eyes, “Thank You” I said NO..THANK YOU!” and I reached out and touched his 3 tattoo while he was still holdong the picture..he smiled and the sun glinted off his gold teeth, and he said softly, yet firmly..NO THANK YOU!” I have pictures to share but I am still on cloud 9 and running every moment over and over in my mind. I forgot how to log onto the internet and load pictures. I will post one then regroup myself and come back with more.. My one dream of getting a glimpse of Johnny and touching him has come true!

When I touched Johnny’s hand and his 3 it was just really a natural feeling to touch it!

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Deppth’s Encounter

I just came back from the premiere and I’m still in shock that I met johnny! He is so sweet and so awesome. He was the last to arrive but it was worth the wait.

n the picture were he is waving, you can see a letter in his publisist’s hand. His hands were getting too full so I guess he handed it to her. I hope he had the chance to read it. I also left my number and email on the letter, so now everytime I get a incoming call with a restricted number or when my computer says that I have 1 new message waiting, I panic. I’m not going to get my hopes up though, because I know what a busy guy he is and all. I’m still in shock from yesterday, I’m on cloud 9!

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Pirategirl’s Encounter

OMG!! He was soooo close I touched his hand! I even have the sharpie pen he used to sign everyone’s stuff with! I have so many pictures, but I don’t know how to post…Mindy said she would help me when I get back. I can’t wait to share!! He is so amazing I can’t even describe it! This is a day I’ll never never forget!

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Gypselee’s Encounter

I am still in shock. Johnny got there about 2:55, his usual timing! As soon as he got out of his SUV he walked across the street to us before he even posed for the press. He walked along signing autographs and being very gracious. When he got to me I handed him my CATCF book and while he signed it I just told him that I loved everything he has done. I wasn’t sure he heard me over all the crowd, but then he paused, looked up into my eyes and said in his sultry voice “thank you very much.”
Faint Next he signed a picture for my niece and then stopped in front of Mindy, who had some wrist bands she had specifically made for him. (you can see the blue one in his hand in this picture) She offered them to him and he looked at them and said “Wow, cool” and took them, shook her hand and signed her poster. After that he maybe signed two more autographs down the row when security told him it was time to go and he headed back across the street. OH, the traffic was not blocked during this premiere.

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