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Toronto Film Festival: Seen and Heard Part III

LOS ANGELES – Downtown Toronto was still in the grip of premieres, parties and photographers midway through the city’s 30th annual film festival. Here’s the latest update of what the stars were up to when not giving interviews – By Hanh Nguyen.

Johnny Depp – Still sporting scraggly hair and gold-capped teeth for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequels, Depp made a quick stop by the Luxury Lounge at the Park Hyatt Hotel to pick up two pairs of sunglasses for his sister. Although his visit was brief, the “Corpse Bride” actor found time to sketch a picture of a bleeding heart that will be auctioned off for Katrina relief.

Others contributing to the celebrity sketches include: “Brothers Grimm” director Terry Gilliam, “X-Men’s” Iceman himself Shawn Ashmore, “Ice Princess” Michelle Trachtenberg and “CSI” wiseguy Eric Szmanda.

Everybody being nice at Film Fest

TORONTO – Philadelphia Daily – Howard Gensler – Here at the Toronto International Film Festival, the paparazzi have been typically rude -although on better behavior than normal; foreign press and junketeers have been typically fawning – doing interviews then asking for autographs; the TV folk have been much better looking than the print journalists; the directors and screenwriters have been earnest, amusing and intelligent; and the stars have been shockingly cooperative and polite.

Johnny Depp, perhaps the biggest star in the world after “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” was spotted signing autographs and joking with a group of children – a far cry from the moody, whack job the tabs often make him out to be.

Johnny Depp to leave Imprints at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese

On Friday, September 16, 2005 Johnny Depp will join Hollywood’s greatest stars by placing his footprints and handprints in cement outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The ceremony will begin at 11:00 a.m.

Two live web cams from Mann Theatre will be covering the event for those who cannot attend.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood is the most famous movie theatre in the world. Millions of visitors flock here each year, drawn by its famous forecourt with its hands & footprints of the Hollywood Stars. Johnny’s prints will be joining other stars such as Charles Chaplin, Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, and Tom Hanks.

Johnny in Toronto

So Johnny appeared in Toronto today – together with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter at the Press Conference and later the Red Carpet and After Show Party for the movie The Corpse Bride. I already uploaded many many pics into the galleries/appearances galleries and he looks sooo good with the longer hair…OMG…no he looks amazing, here some examples, click to enlarge:

image: torontopressconf003.jpgimage: torontopressconf022.jpgimage: torontopressconf023.jpg

‘Corpse Bride’ comes to T.O. Film Fest

A sheik Johnny Depp and a relaxed looking Tim Burton sauntered into the Sutton Place Hotel this morning to discuss the pair’s latest collaborative effort – “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.” – By MARK DANIELL — For JAM! Movies.

The film, which took years to make, uses puppets to tell the story of geeky Victor (voiced by Depp), his bride-to-be, Victoria (Emily Watson) and the gleeful corpse who comes between them (voiced by Bonham Carter).

And though the whole animation thing was new to Depp and Bonham Carter, both couldn’t have loved it more.

“I wish I could play puppets the rest of my life,” Bonham Carter quipped. “You don’t have to worry about hair and make-up. You’re not trapped by your envelope.”

The film, which Burton and Johnson had been working on for several years, went into overdrive while Burton was filming “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” last year with Depp, Bonham Carter and Danny Elfman in England.

“Grilling Tim on the set was how I prepared for the part of Victor,” Depp recalled with a laugh. “I feel lucky that these parts arrived in front of me.”

“But,” he said looking exasperatingly at the director, “I still can’t believe he was able to bounce back and forth between the two.”

Press Conference – Cable 10 & 63 TORONTO

Press Conference – Cable 10 & 63 TORONTO – – This fan favourite provides exclusive, uninterrupted coverage of the major press conferences shown in their entirety.

Viewers are taken front and centre with moviemakers and celebrities as they chat openly about their Festival films and answer questions from the international media.

On Saturday, September 10, 2005:

7:00 PM
Scheduled to attend: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, directors Tim Burton and Mike Johnson, Danny Elfman, music and producer Allison Abbate.

On Sunday, September 11, 2005:

6:00 AM
Scheduled to attend: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, directors Tim Burton and Mike Johnson, Danny Elfman, music and producer Allison Abbate.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride stars Johnny Depp in off-beat animated love story

Canadian Press – September 10, 2005 – by Megan Leach – Johnny Depp talks about his role in The Corpse Bride during a news conference for the movie during the International Film Festival in Toronto, Saturday.

TORONTO (CP) – The walking dead, dancing skeletons, murderous plots, arranged marriage and assorted talking creepy-crawlies – those are just some of the players in Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. The film has its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and the stars and creators were on hand for a news conference Saturday.

What’s a film festival without a bevy of parties?

The Globe and Mail – September 8, 2005 – TORONTO – Of course it’s all about the wonderful filmmaking, the artistic visions, the sweeping epics and touching diamonds in the rough. But we hear there’s the odd party here and there at the festival that just may be worth checking out. Certainly the hottest invite to clutch close to your chest this week is Saturday’s Corpse Bride gala after-party at Birks Boutique Yorkville. Why? Well none other than Mr. TIFF 2005 himself, Johnny Depp, will be there with his beautiful wife, Vanessa Paradis.