Month: April 2009

Verbinski turns PotC4 down.

Gore Verbinski turned down and changed his mind on directing PotC4. About that he informed Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer.

“I had a fantastic time bringing ‘Pirates’ to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry, Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team,” he said. “I’m looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future.”

He will still work together with Johnny on the movie Rango, with Johnny giving voice for the CG-character.

We don’t know yet who will direct PotC4, but we’ll post as soon as we know 🙂

PotC4 is at insiders rumoured to be filmed in Australia and New Zealand

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April fools ;-)

OF COURSE our news yesterday, that this site will be turned into a Christian Bale site, are untrue. I really like Christian Bale, right AFTER Johnny Depp, and I think, he’s a great actor (Batman is really the wrong example…watch one of the movies where he has a chance to be an actor!). Please don’t hate Christian because we used him for this year’s april fools joke! Though you will find more pics with Christian Bale here, too, once the Public Enemies time began 😉 sorry :-p

Never I would simply close nor would I change it into another site (that’s an idiotic idea…what’s the purpose…haha…a new site with a link from here would be more effective) if not Johnny would come himself to make it the official one, never would I just give up 5 years of hard work. Even if Johnny is getting older and older (of course he does….who does NOT? Not that you can see it, though).

But OMG so many comments! You guys are incredible. Over 100 comments!
Even if I WOULD have considered to turn JDorg into another site – with all your great comments I realize, how much you love it – and would because of that have decided not to do it.
Thank you for all your nice (and not so nice ;-p) words.

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Entertainment Weekly, April 2009 – Public Enemies

Title: Public Enemies

Author: Chris Nashawaty

Publication: Entertainment Weekly

Issue: April 2009


Anyone who’s seen 1981’s Thief or 1995’s Heat knows that Michael Mann can pull off a heist movie. So it’s not surprising that the tough-guy writer-director would be drawn to the story of the most storied bank robber of them all, John Dillinger. Back in the 1930s, a time when most Americans were being hammered by the Depression, Dillinger launched one of the most dizzying crime sprees ever recorded. It turned him into a national folk hero. After all, he was daring to do what the rest of the cash-strapped country could only dream of: sticking up banks, which had gone from trusted institutions to the fat-eat enemy of the working man.

Timely, no’?

Mann was raised in Chicago, the setting of one of Dillinger’s actual bank heists, and he’d been tiptoeing around the idea of a Dillinger movie for decades. “The Biograph Theater, where Dillinger was finally gunned down, was a place that my wife and I used to go on dates, 30-some years age,” he says, laughing. In fact, back in the ’70s, Mann wrote a script about the early days of the FBI when it hunted down gangsters such as Dillinger. “Nothing ever happened with it,” says Mann, “but I guess you could say it’s been in the back of my brain all these years.”

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JDorg will become CBnet

Over the last year, I somehow became more and more interested in the wonderful actor Christian Bale, who is certainly the most talented actor of his generation (the generation coming 10 years after Johnny ;-)). While Johnny is getting older and older, and Christian is just coming into his best years, I decided to turn this site into a Christian Bale admirers site, as I can handle only one such huge site. So far, there’s only the layout, made out of a Mural Battle of Silence, BlackSoul and myself. Within the next weeks, all the sections will be changed into Christian Bale content and I will buy a Christian Bale domain.

I hope, you like the layout. Maybe you’d also like to join the Physical fanlisting for Christian Bale.

And I hope, you’re not too unhappy. There are so many other great Johnny Depp fansites out there 🙂 I’m sure, you won’t miss anything. There will even be some Public Enemies screencaps in the future, as both, Johnny and Christian, are in that movie!

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