Month: February 2008

Open Casting Call For Public Enemies

It has been announced that there will be a public open casting call for the film on Sunday Feb. 16th 2008 at Monona Terrace in Madison Wisconsin. Here are the particulars:

men no taller than 6’1″, women should be no taller than 5’8″, and no larger than a size 12. We are also looking for children of all ages.”

Hopefuls attending the casting call are also recommended to arrive dressed in specific outfits, detailed in the announcement:

Men: Dark to medium suit, tie, and an overcoat (not brown) and dress shoes. As this is a period piece, it is very important that your hair be kept long; therefore do not cut your hair. If you have long hair, pull back in a ponytail.

Women: Dark to medium dress and skirt and sweater, overcoat and pumps (med heel). Set hair in curlers the night before and arrive with hair brushed out.
Applicants are also requested to bring a recent color photo and a pen to fill out a registration form.

Good Luck and please include us in any positive results! We would love to hear from you!

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Sweeney Todd Coming to DVD in April!

According to, Johnny Depp’s musical thriller “Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street” is coming to DVD April 1, 2008! More information of disc details is yet to be announced by Paramount. You can view the full article:here.

You can pre-order the DVD here at or as soon as it is available there and support JDorg.


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Downloads 2008

I added many new videos from the ST premieres (Japan, London and Paris) and alsosome Interviews from different TV stations in the download section 2008.

You can find the videos here


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Sweeney Todd Summary *SPOILERS INCLDUED!!* by Lindsay Platt

The “man” aka Johnny Depp plays Sweeney Todd who’s real name is actually Benjamin Barker who is a barber. We join our protagonist as he is coming back to London. What took him away from London you ask? Well…a vicious judge (played by the awesome Alan Rickman) was after his wife Lucy. In order to get her….he had Mr. Barker exciled for 15 years for a crime he did not commit. While back in town as Sweeney Todd and looking completely different…he stumbles upon the lovely Ms. Lovette (played by the ever so talented Helena Bohnam Carter). Ms Lovette owns a pie shop. They get to know each other and Ms. Lovettes sets up a barber shop above the pie shop and she becomes his land lady. He and Ms. Lovette go and witness a display in front of town that is promoting a great after shave elixir. Then, the guy who is selling the stuff (Mr. Pirelli played by the amazing Sacha Baron Cohen) comes out and challenges Sweeney to a shaving contest. Sweeney ends up winning and gets reconnected to his razor blades. But, something is missing. Mr. Todd (or Mr. T as Ms Lovette called him) wanted vengeance for everything wrong that was done to him. Since Sweeney was so good in the contest, Mr. Pirelli comes to his shop and asks for a shave. The guy ended up knowing a lot about Sweeney Todd’s days as Benjamin Barker and blackmails him. This enrages Sweeney and he ends up slitting Mr.Pirelli’s throat.

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Johnny is Nominated Again!

Just throwing out some little news here. Johnny was nominated again for another Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. He is nominated for “Favorite Male Actor” and “Pirates” is also nominated again. This may not seem like a big award to us, but Johnny has said that it means alot to him and that he usually attends this award show. So keep your eyes open, He may show up! Votes are being taken starting on March 3 online and the show is going to be broadcast on March 29th.

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Happy Birthday,!

Today this site, has its 4th birthday.

February 4th, 2004, it went online with the domain with a horrible layout and less German-English content. After I could get the domain from a friend, and with the help of so wonderful staffers, it went bigger and bigger and is now, after 4 years, a wide known site with at least acceptable layouts and a lot of content.

Feel free to congratulate JDorg in the guestbook or ask your questions about the history of this site in the faq

On to the next ten decades!

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Photo session 2008

I added pics to the photo sessions for 2008.
There were quite a few so you need to just go through them!
You can find the pics here

Also I also added here and there in the galleries some new and some HQ pics!!!!
So go check them out

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More Nominations for Johnny’s Films

“Sweeney Todd” was nominated for 2 BAFTA awards (the British version of the Oscars) for “Costume Design “, and “Make-Up & Hair”. “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” was also nominated for a BAFTA award in “Special Visual Effects”. The awards will be held on Feb. 10th 2008. However, Johnny Depp has indicated his unavailability for the ceremony.

Congratulations to both of these films!

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Empire, February 2008 – Sweeney Todd

Title: Sweeney Todd

Author: Kim Newman

Publication: UK- Empire

Issue: February 2008

Everybody knows the story of Sweeney Todd, the barber who cut his customers’ throats and turned the corpses over to his criminal partner Mrs Lovett to be cooked up in meat pies. Debate persists as to whether he was an actual historical character, but the Demon Barber Of Fleet Street has been prominent in our national gallery of horrors since the middle of the19th century.

The usual version of the tale – as enshrined in Victorian penny dreadful, sensationalist theatre and a ramshackle but wonderful 1936 vehicle for aptly named British horror star Tod Slaughter – is all about crime. Sweeney Todd’s methods may he gruesome, but he’s primarily in it for the money (the early versions of the story are titled after the loot, The String Of Pearls). Then in I968, playwright Christopher Bond came up with a new take, drawing on Jacobean revenge tragedy and populist melodrama in which horribly violent stories expose social inequities. This reading caught the attention of composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim, who adapted it into a dark, bloody 1979 Broadway (and West End) musical which has understandably never enjoyed the long carriage-trade runs much lesser shows have managed, but is acclaimed as a peak of the form.

This masterpiece has proved a daunting movie prospect: the few films of other Sondheim shows haven’t been hits,

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