Month: June 2005

Jo Whiley Audio Interview with Johnny Depp

Your little ears will delight with this Jo Whiley-Johnny Depp audio interview on bbc/radio1. Johnny chats about his fans, about the weirdest thing one of his fans has done and about the prospect of making Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You will need Real Player to listen to this Audio interview. This interview was first published on 22 April 2004. Excerpt:

Whiley: On chatting a lot with fans…
Depp: “There’s no reason to be otherwise really…I think that the kids that come around the people who come around, it’s so nice to meet them. For all intents and purposes they’re my boss aren’t they? they keep me employed.”

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I know, it is “truly unbelievable”:

Johnny Depp becomes 42 years old today. And still looks like ten years younger.

We say “Happy Birthday, Johnny!”.

You can post your – international – greetings here in our German Forum, it is open for guests, today.

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Depp is courted for Wrexham film

Hollywood’s Johnny Depp is being courted to star in a film about a drug addict who turns his life around after living on the streets of Wrexham.

§ Lord of the Rings and King Kong star Andy Serkis has already been signed up to direct the movie.

§ Shooting of Addict, based on the best-selling biography of writer Stephen Smith, is to start this summer.

§ The 61-year-old writer said the film will be all about his life as a young man addicted to amphetamines who drifted into crime and ended up living on the streets of Wrexham for a few months.

§ “It’s a horror story with a fairytale ending – irregardless of how low you go with drink and drugs you can still get out of it,” said Mr Smith, who now lives in Germany with his wife and family.

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UK Mirror June 2005 – I love playing with Barbie dolls

Title: I love playing with Barbie dolls

Author: Eveyln Moore/Corrine Barraclough

Publication: UK 3AM Mirror

Issue: June 2005

He’s one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood but Johnny Depp couldn’t be less bothered about his A-List Hollywood heart-throb status.  The 41-year-old hunk prefers the simple life with his family in France to the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown. But don‘t worry you haven’t seen the last of those smouldering came-to-bed eyes, girls. Johnny’s back in two films this month. Starring along side him in The Libertine is Brit talent Smantha Morton and funny man Johnny Vegas, in which Johnny D plays the lead as a drunken 17th century poet.  Dreamy Depp also shares a screen with Kate Winslet in Finding Neverland, the story of J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan. And if that isn’t enough to keep Depp fans happy,  you can also start fantasying about his return as Jack Sparrow in the sequel to box office smash Pirates of the Caribbean.

You‘ve always been labelled as a bit of a rebel in Hollywood — Is that true?

Well I’ve never though of myself that way! I never got that whole rebel thing, you know, the rebellious image.  It was something they slapped on me just to have a name for the product I think.

Maybe it’s also because you’re no pushover?

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