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April 14, 2018   Articles 4 Comments

A Chuckey woman who sent $750 to what she thought was a charitable foundation operated by actor Johnny Depp reported the suspected scam to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department. The apparent swindle happened on March 2 and was reported Thursday.

The victim said that she accepted a friend request on Facebook “that stated they were Johnny Depp and had asked her to donate money to his foundation or charity,” Deputy Nakia Tweed said in a report.

She got two loans and sent a total of $750 to the foundation named by the person purporting to be Depp, the report said. The foundation address was unknown at the time the report was filed.

The victim was then contacted via Facebook Messenger and told that she had a $6,000 check coming to her home “and was asked to distribute the money to various locations in $1,000 increments,” the report said. The woman “was able to get approximately $2,000 sent without issue” and was then told to send the remainder of the money to an address in Florida, which was unknown at the time the report was filed.

She told deputies she was afraid to prosecute and only requested a report be put on file for her bank. She also filed a report with the Greeneville Police Department after attempting to transmit some of the money by Western Union, the report said.

“The identity of the person or persons that she had contact with by text and Facebook were unknown at this time,” the sheriff’s department report said.


  • Tarja
    Posted on April 15, 2018

    That is a world wide scam. I fell to the same scam earlier this year in Finland. I’m member of a closed group of Johnny Depp & Hollywood Wampires and it has shown in meny other countries, I remember one was in Philipines.

  • Darlene Hennick
    Posted on May 05, 2018

    I too went through a similar situation with a person behind the name of John Depp. He was chatting with me on Facebook under the above name. I had to close my acct. ASAP and open a new one bcz he was pressuring me to show him my check. It was made out for only $30. but he had the access to my acct. #. So needless to say I closed my acct. and opened a new one so he/she could not print up checks and use them as a crimal transaction.

  • Jade Alexander
    Posted on November 05, 2018

    So evidently these people are using Hangouts as well. Because I have never heard of the SOS Charity for homeless amd under privileged children. Plus why would the real Johnny Depp even ask for money at all.

  • Elizabeth Shelby
    Posted on November 30, 2018

    Aww. I feel for you. I personally don’t believe anyone on the internet. 300.00 dollars latet. I lost that last rear to fake advertising of donation s. Internet should Pointe out the scamers to the public Right now im asked from johnny Depp too. Im Undecided

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