When It’s Time To Stay Silent

Johnny Depp and his camp have only released the one official statement that has now been read by half the globe:

Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life. Hopefully, the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly.”

Throughout the past weeks though Amber Heard and her camp have gone headline crazy with accusations, stories, so called evidence and deranged off the wall accounts of a person that no one would recognize as the Johnny Depp that anyone knows. So the question hangs in the air, why does Johnny and his people continue to let the internet and publications throw around all this dirt and stay quiet? The answer is simple, “Give her enough rope and she’ll hang herself.

The one thing that can be said no matter how much is true on Amber’s fairytale of the past two years is that she reached above her head and climbed up the ladder. An actress who had no great prospects before her film with Johnny, “Rum Diary”. No matter how stunning she may be, Los Angeles is filled with beautiful women who want to be famous. The chance to be the center of THE Johnny Depp’s attention for any amount of time gave her the cracked door that any woman dreams of. This was her chance and she knew it. “With a little bit of faith, trust and pixie dust” she hit the jackpot. Her intentions are hidden to us and so all her forethought planning can’t be known. The only thing we CAN know is that unfortunately for Amber there is a little invention called the internet. The internet, a place where our past can’t be hidden and neither can a person’s life on social media.

So while Johnny goes into his self-healing regrouping with his circle of friends, he leaves Amber and her minions to slowly peel off the layers of her life and her imaginary “nightmare” of being Mrs. Depp. Every day she, her friends and her camp embarrass her more and more all over the public realm. Johnny stays silent while his friends, family and employees speak volumes for him. It may be because she’s new to the public eye and Johnny is a seasoned famous figure who has been known worldwide half his life or she’s just the mentally unstable female. It could be said that inexperience caused a rookie mistake on her part. There have been theories about her stalking Johnny when she was young and even if that isn’t true, one has to wonder if she wasn’t paying attention at all during her time with him. Did she not notice his huge fan base or his lifetime circle of supporters and friends? Was she oblivious to his esteemed reputation? Of course she was, which is why she tried to pull him away from anyone close to him and why she stayed so close to him while he was working. The ingenuity ended there however; Amber must not have thought far enough ahead to realize what she was dealing with throwing out such outlandish allegations. Doctored photos and heat of the moment screaming into a phone doesn’t paint a full picture of a person’s demeanor. The brushstroke of guile doesn’t equal a masterpiece of art. Mid-life crises or not, an infallible point of time unfortunately has befallen this great gift of talent and it will pass. He isn’t scared or stupid; he isn’t depressed or intimidated trust that. Johnny is sagacious and shrewd. He folds his arms quietly and sits back to watch the train wreck. Just like the traffic on the 101, everyone will slow down to gape and stare while at the same time wishing they could just unsee it and look away.

The rope goes thicker and longer and steps can now be heard leading up to the hangman’s noose, not unlike in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Since this is the REAL world and not the movie set, there will be no dashing pirates launching a last minute escape here for Amber Heard.

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    1. I totally get what this text is saying. It’s not being a narcissist, he’s calling Amber out on her B.S. and letting her play out her drama When the truth comes out she will end up with more dog poo on her face than she ever expected. AMBER is the narcissist who actually thinks that she will come out of this a superstar who stood up for women who are beaten up lmao but she’s a liar and we all know it. She will end up angering all who stood up for her and being blacklisted. Johnny, to my way of thinking is like, “well she made her bed, she can lie in it.” 😀

      1. I love you Johnny depp ,you have so Manny fans in San Antonio, Texas, it is in my bucket list to meet you, we are the same age, I am just a Super True Fan.

    2. Well done Ginny on your eloquent , well written article on Johnny and his z lister soon to be ex wife Amber Heard. This Texan so called actress and model is nothing but a heartless little gold digger. It was thoroughly evil the way she delivered the divorce papers, just three days after Johnny’s dear Mum Mrs Betty-Sue Palmer-Depp passed away – Poor Johnny. I’m sure his Mum will be looking down on Johnny from heaven, and will be joining in our chorus re: Amber Heard – “Good Riddance to bad rubbish and z list acting – Amber T**d ruined the “Rum Diary” for Johnny and the rest of the brilliant cast. She was rubbish and can’t act for toffee, she’s as wooden as Willow Woods near Deal in Kent UK where I’m from.

    1. Yeah I’d like to know too. This article is EPIC! In fact, it says what I knew all along about Johnny. He is a man of total integrity. 🙂

    2. Hey Malachi, Lizzy asked me to post it and she has an account here on the site, it was posted with her own user account, see the author at the bottom.

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  1. What cracks me up is Amber supporters keep talkin’ about Johnny trying to “save his reputation” by having people “lie” for him. HAHA! So clueless. We all know our Johnny never gave a rat’s arse about “reputation.” He is having the time of his life, reconnecting with Tim Burton, hanging out with his kids….and he had an EPIC tour with his friends in the Hollywood Vampires and he’s in his element. Now, lol, Amber is hemming and hawing about when she’s available for a court date. She was just called out on it…hehe. Laura Wasser said, “Amber had her trial on the media…she can now do so in court!” words to that effect. Go Laura! #imwithjohnny

  2. Johnny just needs an astrologer if he does not use one. I’m sending him blessings in this moment of time in his life. I adore him.

  3. I saw an article where Amber refused an offer Johnny made through his lawyer….50,000.00 a month spousal support AND a mutual restraining order. Amber refused the mutual restraining order because “she is not the violent one.” Ummm, okay. Aren’t restraining orders not just for those who are violent–but if someone feels unsafe around a person? If Amber is so worried about a record of her having a restraining order against her, what’s she hiding? Plus WHY does she care? She apparently doesn’t wanna go near Johnny anyway. I think she needs mental intervention and a hospital stay before this gets out of hand. I can’t imagine Johnny would want Amber near his kids after all she’s been pulling. (sigh) so far as I know, the hearing is still on the 17th…hope it stays that way.

    1. TRACY JANE WILTON: Agree the little madam Z lister needs a good psychologist and psychiatrist to sort her out . She has a brass nerve putting in for a restraining order when SHE was the violent one not Johnny. Johnny’s security used to have to prise her off him, as she used to lunge at him like an animal allegedly. However, I think we need to keep out of Johnny’s business now and let
      Laura Wasser work her magic in or out of Court.

  4. Fãs de Johnny são exagerados! Amber pode está mentindo mas ela não é uma atriz ruim,ela é boa,vocês não precisam atribuir defeitos que não existe em Amber para defende-lo.

    1. Having translated your comment into English, Depp(sorry, I am not very lingual in other languages, but hope the online translator got it right.), let me say that Amber is truly an AMAZING actress. She is playing her role extremely well! Admittedly I never saw any movies she was in, so I can’t comment on her acting onscreen…but she is kicking ass with this role of an abused wife. 😉 Even with all the plotholes, that walk from the courthouse to her car was chilling. Those bruises may be makeup but her expressions are very convincing, probably why a lot of people believe her.

      In all fairness, I think Amber is just suffering from a severe mental disorder or a breakdown of sorts. She needs serious help. I do hope this whole thing cools down enough that at least Dior isn’t being pressured to drop Johnny from their advertising…and Amber admits the truth and can maybe start promoting awareness for mental illnesses. That would at least give some hope for her to keep working, if she does it honestly to help others. One thing is for sure…she and Johnny need to stay far away from each other, regardless of restraining orders. Like Johnny said about Trump being president, lol….”It just wouldn’t work after that.” 😉

  5. Johnny Depp Admiration Page (on Facebook)
    21 hrs ·

    Dear Johnny,
    As always, even during possibly the worst nightmare of your life, you choose to take the high road- THIS- is just one of the many reasons I love and respect you!
    You are NOT perfect, you are flawed and damaged- just like the rest of us. What sets you apart is that you have always acknowledged your weaknesses and faults, forging bravely ahead,tackling an oft times cruel and crazy world. You have a huge heart, fierce loyalty, and quiet- kind spirit. Our world is blessed, by your presence- Thank you
    This too shall pass……

    1. So well said, Anne!!! 🙂 (((((HUGS JOHNNY)))) I love you Johnny love, you are my muse and a wonderful, wonderful human being. We are all behind you!!!!! <3 🙂 I am sure your dear mom is watching over you and giving you strength right now. You've got this honey.!

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