Where does Johnny live?

Where does Johnny live?

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  • Chloe says:

    He resides in France with his family most of the time when he’s not making movies.

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    where does Johnny live ?

    Ok well this question can seems weird but I don’t where Johnny spend the most of his time with his family ! Is it in France or in LA ?
    If you know guys let me know please =) :))

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  • depp_lover says:

    wooo france thats pretty cool!! i never knew he lived there!!

  • johnnyrebel says:
    Originally posted by BabsHey Babs do you know any more than this? Like do you happen to know what street Bela”s house is on or even what it may be near like Hollywood and Vine or near the ViperRoom that he used to own(sadness)?
    yeah johnny has a huge house in L.A which was previously owned by Bela Lugosi- the guy who played Dracula in the old movies…

    babs xx πŸ˜€

  • m!ss.Jack.Sp@rr0w says:

    i heard that he lives in france somewhere and in an interview i recall him saying he also bought an island in the caribbean..i think it was.

  • johnnyrebel says:

    So like someone mentioned that Johnnys house in LA was Bela Lugosi old house? Do any of you know where that house would be in LA? Is it in West Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills? Someone mentioned construction behind his house, someone else is building a house or another type of structure? I ahve heard about the law suit Johnny is filing for the view being blocked from his home here in LA. So if anyone can give me a more to go on so next time I am down in Hollywood maybe I can find it. Thanks! :pray

  • Endora says:

    Hmm… interesting…. v-eee-ry interesting. But I’m still confused!!! ?(

    This summer, I was on holiday in the south of France for two weeks and since I had read in several articles and interviews that Johnny lived in Plan de la Tour, I decided to visit that place. And now, I was reading on here and I find out he lives in St. Aygulf, the place where I was actually staying during these two weeks! 8o Hmm… I don’t know why this is bugging me, but I like solving mysteries and I can’t stand this one! πŸ‘Ώ

    To add to the info then: In Depp, by Christopher Heard, it says he lives in St. Aygulf, in a house looking out over the sea. Since Plan de la Tour is a few kilometers land inwarts, I think it would be unlikely that he had a house overlooking the sea over there. Still, it could be on a hill or something. I think the whole confusion might have to do with communities falling under the jurisdiction of another. For example, Plan de la Tour might be part of Ste. Maxime. Still, I can’t see how St. Aygulf and Plan de la Tour might be connected, because they’re quite some miles apart, really. Or Johnny must have a reeeeeeaaalllly big house. πŸ˜€

    So, does anyone still have something useful to add? I’d really appreciate it. This is just my silly obsession, dunno why, probably cause I feel so stupid now, having visited that sleepy town of Plan de la Tour for an apparently non-existent reason.

    P.S. No secret stalking agenda involved here!!!!!

  • JohnnysLunatic says:
    Originally posted by Clever
    I think he live in France, Saint Tropez but he has an apartament in L.A. too.

    I think it’s in France too :rolleyes:

  • depplova says:

    hey guys, If ya dint know Johnny also has a house on the tip of England, he bought it for Vanessa so when they are over here she can see France from it, coz she misses France so much. how cute πŸ˜€

  • Martina says:

    months ago it was in the press that Lily-Rose is sent to school in L.A. at the moment.

  • Jey says:

    Yeah ! I always wanted to know where do his kids go at school !
    In france or in L.A ! I’ve been told it was in the south of France

    Thanks guys for answering to all of my questions =) πŸ˜€ :))

  • Sabrina says:


    Okay I get it now. It makes much more sense . Thanks Martina.

    So he lives basically wherever he’s shooting?Hmm cool.

    Do his kids go to school. Well I know Jack is to young but maybe Lily?I mean she is 6 years old right?

  • Martina says:

    If you live in Paris you live in France anyway cause Paris is the capital of France…
    but Johnny’s house (beneath the appartment he has in Paris) is at the south coast of France somewhere near to Italy..means more in the east of the south coast.

    Take out your atlas/map, look for Paris, which is in the Northeast of France….the most in the Northeast, not completely…more centered and drive with your finger straight down to that big water – there Johnny lives when he has some free time πŸ˜€

  • Sabrina says:

    Wow , thats such a informative Article ! Thanks so much Martina

    But I still don’t understand something. Can someone please clear it up for me?

    Being that I live in Quebec. I really dont know much about the places in Europe so is it possible if someone can specificly tell me where in Europe does he live?.. Is it France or is it Paris …or is both.. loll

    Sorry it’s just so confusing for me.:)

  • Babs says:

    as i said Martina does a job wel!

  • Jey says:

    Thank you so much Martina for what you found ! I see were he lives I live in Saint Raphael it’s near Saint Aygulf I thought he lived in Sainte Maxime but I guess i was wrong ! ?( πŸ˜€
    But I didn’t know Plan la tour =S it’s a village isn’t it ?

    Thanks again Martina πŸ˜› :))

  • Babs says:

    Martina i noticed when you do a job you do it properly! thats good!
    luv babs xx

  • Martina says:

    LOL, Sere, you were there 8o you never told be – does it look nice???

    I heard so many towns in that near: St.Tropez as the larger town in the near, and as the place itself Plan de la Tour, St. Aygulf, Saint Maxime and even another name I forgot now…

    so which of them is it actually??

    I once searched for the area there on the map:

    I once found this regarding St. Aygulf.

    Things are much clearer than they ever were,” Johnny says with unexpected enthusiasm. “The one thing that was missing in my life has now arrived. I’ll keep my roots in Los Angeles, where I have my house, and I’ll also have a place in France where we can have a strong foundation.” At present, their strong foundation is at Saint Aygulf, near Saint Tropez, and they also have rented an apartment in the Montmartre district of Paris.

    Four million francs later, their love nest as the scandal sheets insist on styling it, at Saint Aygulf, near Saint Tropez, with stunning views over the sea, awaits the new arrival. The paparazzi have been falling out of the trees. The couple chose the location because it’s where they first spent romantic interludes together before the rest of the world cottoned on to their liaison.

    Then there’s Johnny Depp, stealing the summer show as the goofy but sly, drunkenly swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s “Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” Between films and trips to Paris, Johnny lives near Saint-Tropez, in a Saint Aygulf farmhouse with French singer-actress Vanessa Paradis and their two young children, Lily Rose Melody and Jack. And despite the Dixie Chicks backlash from Americans out to squelch the First Amendment, Johnny isn’t shy about stating his views of his native country’s Mesopotamian adventure.

    “I saw these American kids being shipped off to war, and I was looking at their faces and thinking, they’re not ready for it.” Johnny told Gregory Katz of USA Weekend.. “Is anybody ever ready for it? You’re thinking about where they’re going, what they’re getting into. What’s it really all about? It’s about dough; it’s about money. That’s ugly.”

    Johnny also likes to sing praises of the French. “I love America — I love going back, seeing my family and friends, but it’s wonderful to get back to France and be living in a tiny village with nothing around. There is still the possibility to live a simple life. You can go to the market, walk about, buy fruits and vegetables — the things they did 100 and 200 years ago.”

    A product of the rural Florida and Kentucky who spent many years clubbing with Winona Ryder and Kate Moss in Hollywood, Johnny never really felt at home until he moved to France. He rejects the view that there has been a surge of anti-Americanism there because of opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq and believes the French have behaved in a dignified manner while some Americans have resorted to “schoolyard tactics” by renaming French fries “freedom fries.”

    “That was so revealing, that grown men sat around and came up with that idea,” he says of the freedom fries initiative. “It was tragic and embarrassing. At the same time, I was happy it was exposed, and people knew that a bunch of congressmen — big people, the upper-drawer people — made that decision.”

    Thanks to some very heroic “little people”–the local Saint Aygulf firefighters– Johnny and Vanessa’s villa narrowly escaped becoming a smoldering heap of French-fried ash like so much of the rest of the area.

    Together with this pic:

  • Babs says:

    yeah johnny has a huge house in L.A which was previously owned by Bela Lugosi- the guy who played Dracula in the old movies…

    babs xx πŸ˜€

  • Jey says:

    thanks for answering guys !
    Hey how could you seen their house ??? =O
    I’ve been told he lives in Sainte Maxime and not in Saint Tropez… is that right ?
    I would love to see his house ! I went to saint Tropez last week ! the city is so lovely =)
    a friend of mine lives in Monmartre but i don’t think he knows where de Depp family live :(

  • Sere says:

    Well, he takes his family with him while he’s shooting… so, right now he’s shooting POTC 2 and his family is in the US with him… when he was shooting CATCF they were in Pinewood (england) with him… So, that’s it… He isn’t so much at home…

    He has a home in St.Tropez (I’ve seen it!), one in Paris (Montmartre: I’ve seen it as well! πŸ˜€ ), an island in the caribbean and an apartment in the Us, anyway…

  • Clever says:

    I think he live in France, Saint Tropez but he has an apartament in L.A. too.

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