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Johnny Depp will make his first visit to China to promote “Transcendence,” the film’s backers said Thursday.
DMG, which is producing and distributing the film along with Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment, said it is planning a series of promotional events in the country that will see Depp appear alongside the most Chinese actors, musicians, and artists and will be broadcast across China. It will be Depp’s only international promotional activity for the science-fiction adventure.


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Date/Location: April 10, 2014 Los Angeles

Synopsis: A terminally ill scientist downloads his mind into a computer. This grants him power beyond his wildest dreams, and soon he becomes unstoppable.

Starring: Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy, Clifton Collins Jr., Morgan Freeman


Venue : Los Angeles
Location : Los Angeles
Event Date : 04/10/2014
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Time: Thursday, April 10, 2014 – 6:30 p.m.

Location: Regency Village Theatre
961 Broxton Ave, in Westwood Village


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Johnny joined Willie Nelson on the Main Stage of Rodeo Austin on Sunday, March 9

“Lukas Nelson was there, as was Johnny Depp, looking somewhat incognito and was introduced as simply ‘John.’ They were all amazing onstage together. What might have made Johnny stand out a little was his unique style, both in the way he dresses and plays lead guitar.”

2014-03-09  2014-03-09  2014-03-09

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Johnny Depp joins his fiancee Amber Heard on the red carpet at the 2014 Texas Film Awards hosted by the Austin Film Society on Thursday (March 6) in Austin, Tex.

The 27-year-old actress, who is a native of Austin, is being honored at the event for helping the state earn some notice in the film world.

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Everything in modern filmmaking is making the transistion from analog to digital: sound, editing, visual effects, cinematography. And soon, maybe even our movie stars.

That’s how it looks in the new poster for “Transcendence,” the upcoming science fiction thriller with its roots in the real theories of how man and machine may someday come together. Depp plays Dr. Will Caster, a brilliant scientist working towards the singularity — or what he calls “transcendence” — where computers become so advanced they can perfectly replicate or even exceed the capacity of a human brain.


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It’s been close to eight years since Chuck E. Weiss delivered his 23rd & Stout, but the veteran blues player is about to make his return. The solo artist’s punnily titled Red Beans and Weiss will be his first for new label home Anti-, and it hits stores April 15.

Weiss began work on the set back in the fall of 2012 following some encouragement from his friends Johnny Depp and Tom Waits, who both serve as executive producers on Red Beans and Weiss. Over the course of the next year and a half, Weiss wrote the record and split up recording sessions at Los Angeles studios the Village and Studio 80. Apparently, he thrived via a relaxed schedule with no real time constraints.

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The “Lone Ranger” star said jokingly of his award: “This is a great honor, but [while] I was occasionally glancing at the screen, I realized what a ridiculous thing I’ve done.”



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And Here it is:


What do you think of the Trailer?
Are you excited for this movie to come out?

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What if a new intelligence was born?

Check out the exclusive new poster for #Transcendence, and stay tuned for the new trailer on iTunes Movie Trailers tomorrow at 4:30pm PST.