Leaving the Crew

I have thought long and hard about whether to continue with helping out on this wonderful site, where I have met and become friends with so many of you. I have grown in ways as a person that wouldn’t have (I believe) happened without this site or at best a very different probably  longer process. That said, I have decided to leave as crew member. I enjoyed hanging out with all of you the last ten years; four of which I was working on this blog. It’s been fun and  a joy to have been apart of your lives even if it was in a small way.
I would like thank Martina for her giving in and letting me participate/ contribute in a few areas of the blog. I will miss all of you past and present!

Thank you all for being apart my life and hanging out with me here on JD.org
Lots of love
ginny (scarbrow jinni)

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