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August 19, 2019   Campaigns Gallery News 3 Comments

A new short video and image for Dior Sauvage have been revealed.

Additionally, to the advertisement material that has been released last week, a new advertisement image and a short video were posted by Dior on their official social media channels. The image was added to our photo gallery and the video can be watched above.

  • CΓ©cile
    Posted on August 19, 2019

    Thanks for sharing that πŸ™‚

  • Ginny
    Posted on August 19, 2019

    Could I sit with Johnny and have a cup of hot chocolate by that fire…never mind the cologne …

  • Debbie
    Posted on August 21, 2019

    He sure does take my breath away and heart beat faster!!! Awesome pictures of one gorgeous man!!!

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