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July 7, 2012   Movies News No Comments

Warning: contains spoilers

Now be warned, if you haven’t seen the film yet or read up on it much, this featurette contains massive spoilers. So turn around now, and go and watch the film (you really should – it’s a riot, and one of the year’s funniest).

Still with us? Then you’ll know that Johnny Depp – who made his name in the original TV series, before going on to find some success as a movie star – makes an incredible cameo in the film’s third act.

It’s a raucous piece of crowdpleasing fun, much like the movie itself.

Check out the exclusive featurette on Johnny Depp’s 21 Jump Street appearance below:

Click here

  • ginny
    Posted on July 07, 2012

    Sweet and funny…Johnny may i make a suggestion?…Try a peanut butter and tomato sandwich…really good!…love you! …all my hopes ginny

  • ginny
    Posted on July 07, 2012

    Johnny it is a privillege to know you as an actor and person I’m so glad you decided to stay with acting otherwise i wouldn’t have met the wonderful crazy characters you have done…Thank-you …You will always remain my friend in my heart….all my hopes ginny

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