Happy Birthday Johnny!!

Come celebrate Johnny’s birthday on June 9th.
What would you say to Johnny if you had the chance to wish him a Happy Birthday in person? Put your wishes in a comment. Who knows…he might be reading this blog!

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  1. i dont know what i would say…maybe something like this:

    Happy happy Birthday Johnny!
    May the Gods be with you. Lots of love, Happieness. Luck and health to you.
    And of course everything you wish will come true 🙂
    Hope you´ll have a chance to celebrate this day with your family and friends!

    You´re a good man! You know it, your family and friends know it, and even we, the ones who admire you know it!
    I wont say anything more about the recent events, cause this whole thing is pure bullsh*t.
    You have a heart of gold!

    Once again Happy happy birthday!
    Take care

    Al the best
    Chris 🙂

    1. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Johnny with your two lovely teen children Lily-Rose and Jack, and your many friends. Wishing you all the best for the future. Loved “Black Mass” and “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. Looking forward to “Yoga Hosers “, and POTC 5 “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. My Mum and I always see your films more than once at the cinema. Mum and I saw “Though The Looking Glass” 3 times – You were as brilliant as ever! Haven’t made a British Premiere since “The Lone Ranger” due to illness and not wishing to meet that Texan Woman; but hopefully Mum and I will be at your next premiere in Leicester Square London, Mum and I go into the Disabled enclosure she’s the spritly lady in the wheelchair with the daughter who wears a native American themed t shirt for the summer premieres. Wishing you all the very best. Love and Best Wishes

  2. All the best to you and your family!
    By the way: the show in Herborn was great and the new version of the hatter.is very touching.
    And I do know why I am and will continue to be a fan.

  3. There seems to be such deep unhappiness behind his eyes that he keeps hidden inside himself. I wish you a Happy Birthday and my wish for you is that you find your happiness outside the realm of your work.

  4. I hope where every you are in the world that you continue to enjoy wonderful moments with friends and family. Best wishes for your birthday!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Johnny, My Sweet Handsome Prince, My Rock God, My World’s
    Greatest Hollywood Heartthrob And The Most Talented Actor/Musician On The Planet.
    I’ll Hope You Enjoyed Your Best Birthday Ever, My Love.

  6. after watching cry baby his 90’s film, i decide that johnny is really something for meh
    johnny is the only one who could act which i imagine . since 1990 till now i love johnny, i cant explain how much i respect him ……
    best wishes to Heartthrob johnny
    Happy happy Birthday Johnny!!!

    a fan from

  7. Try not to forget about your fans, they want to see and talk to you. You forgot how to make money your letting money make you. Go back to being the John we feel in love with. No fans no money. But enough about that. Happy birthday.

  8. It would be like ;

    Happy birthday handsome ?
    You make the world a better place!!
    Thnx to you a 14yrs old girl believed in dreams and turned in to a 26yrs old who tried to make her dreams come true!!!

    Happy birthday!!


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