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February 8, 2017   Website 4 Comments

Big news, everyone! Today, February 08, turns 13 years old.

Happy birthday, Jdorg!

At this point I want to thank many people for helping to make the site what it is today.

1) First of all I would like to thank Martina, the wonderful founder of this website, for creating and building up such an amazing site. You’ve not only created an informational website for Johnny admirers, but you’ve created a place for a whole community to meet and admire that one special person. Thank you for that! And I would like to add that you’ve done a pretty good job at keeping the site up until the day you decided to leave it to me to accede to it.

2) I also want to thank the reason why this site actually exists: Johnny and his work! Thanks for being an actor to admire, for being a role model for so many young people, for always being yourself. You are the reason why we keep updating the website with news and the reason why so many people decide to visit regularly. Make sure to stay how you are and be true to yourself. That’s the way how we love you! And we’ve tried to show this to you for 13 years now by running and managing this website.

3) Of course, the site wouldn’t be what it is nowadays without the people who decide to come back every day and read about the latest Johnny news and updates. We, the people who admire Johnny Depp on this website, have become our own community and I would like to THANK you for participating. I would like to thank those who keep sending in feedback, those who comment and discuss on the articles I upload, those who send in artwork, media or news that are missing on the site. Thank. You. Every single one of you. I’ve been a regular visitor of the site and now I’m the runner. I’m so proud to be a member of this amazing community for such a long time now. To many more years!

  • Martina
    Posted on February 08, 2017

    Thank you for your kind words, Debby!

    But I have to forward the thank you to all the many many people involved. JDorg has always been the work of many. Especially to Ina and Sarfania (and earlier days it was Conny and lilo who helped me building it out of nothing). All those wonderful people over at

    And a special thanks to Ginny (and Brian) who stayed here with me, while everyone else had left to Real Life or Facebook.

  • Silke
    Posted on February 09, 2017

    Thank you to Martina, Debby and your teams.
    You have created the best source on the web about Johnny Depp and you sail this ship so well.

  • Ginny
    Posted on February 09, 2017

    Happy Birthday! ?

  • Johnny Depp Fan
    Posted on February 16, 2017


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