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March 20, 2006   Articles No Comments

Johnny Depp always has been known for his tendency to take on off-the-wall characters and dark, seemingly on-the-fringe parts in movies. But he’s also been in some seriously dramatic roles that have earned him a place among the Hollywood elite – whether he wants it or not – By Judianne Triglia.

His latest endeavor – “The Libertine” – is one of those dark “only Johnny Depp will do” kind of parts. He plays the Earl of Rochester in the 17th century famous for his debauchery and wicked ways. Hmmm . . . lets think this over . . . lots of sex and drinking and other evil deeds . . . sounds like a perfect role for Depp since women want him and men pretty much want to be him. Plus, who doesn’t like a little debauchery?

But before you hop to the movies, take a stroll through the duality of Depp from his beginnings in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” to his long-awaited “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequels.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)
He played: Glen Lantz – killed by Freddie for falling asleep while watching TV.
Why we care: Anyone killed by Freddie who “lives” to have a movie career gets a thumbs up. He even reappeared as another character in “Elm Street 6.”

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