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Into the Woods trailer

Here it is, the first Into the Woods official trailer.  New footage of several characters debuts in this  trailer, glimpses of Cinderella’s Prince (Chris Pine), Cinderella herself (Anna Kendrick), The Witch (Meryl Streep), The Baker (James Corden), and The Wolf’s hand (Johnny Depp).  Click here to watch. 

Johnny and Paul McCartney recording together

If you were wondering where Johnny is right now? Well, Johnny has taken a break from filming Black Mass and decided to take part in secret recording sessions, playing the guitar, along with Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Sir Paul McCartney. Read more HERE

Johnny Depp joins Aerosmith concert in Massachusetts

Johnny joined Aerosmith on stage this Wednesday night in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Before Johnny appeared on stage Steven Tyler announced him with this words: “Yo! Bringing out on stage my good friend, Mr. Johnny Depp!”. Watch a fan video of the concert HERE!

Johnny Depp’s latest pics filming “Black Mass”

This Thursday Johnny Depp and actress Sienna Miller were shooting the crime drama Black Mass in the Revere Beach, Massachusetts. Johnny in his Bulger costume and make up  and Miller with a blonde messy wig, in order to portray Whitey Bulger’s girlfriend Catherine Greig. Read more about the shooting here.      

For No Good Reason with Johnny Depp Blu-ray Release Date and Details

The Sony Pictures Classics documentary For No Good Reason Blu-ray release date has been announced for September 2. The documentary stars Johnny Depp who guides viewers through the life of Ralph Steadman, the artist behind Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Also playing themselves are Terry Gilliam, Richard Grant, Hunter S. Thompson, Jann Wenner, and […]