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All movies are online!

Today I finished the movie sites. You can now find every relevant Infos
about the movies Johnny is seen in! You can access them here.


Further movie sites online

I (mara) added movie info sites (PotC 1, Finding Neverland,
Secret Window, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Ed Wood
) to jdorg
with lots of info. You can access them here.
We are desperately looking for some personal movie reviews for these
two movies (as well as the other ones), so if you have some, please send
them in!
Enjoy reading!

Secret Window – movie transcript

I added a Secret Window transcript written by and used with the
courtesey of Amanda Lazarus <3
/> who offers it on her nice Secret Window
fansite. Thanks also to Paula for telling me about it!

Movie index site

So now the movies site is updated with new icons –
the individual movie sites are to come soon.

Arizona Dream script

I added a script for the movie Arizona Dream today 🙂
go read it here

Additionally with the help of Mara the new skinning script is working

New script and 30000 visitors

Today I added a new script from the movie Donnie Brasco. Check it out
by clicking here.

Additionally today we hit the 30000 visitors mark. I remember how hard
it was to climb over 10000 and now its already 30000. Thank you to all
visitors! Thanks for your interest.

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