Alice Through the Looking Glass Poster

Found this on Harwood Ave. in Ajax Canada. Try and find where yours are in the town you live in.

Alice 2 Poster Ajax

Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer 1

Here is the first Alice through the Looking Glass trailer on YouTube. Only a few more days until it is released in North America on May 27th.

Who is going on opening night?

Click here for the movie’s web page.

Yoga Hosers Release Date

Lily Rose Depp and Johnny star in Yoga Hosers to be released later this Month. Click here to see details.


Alice Through the Looking Glass Tea Set

Recently I purchased this Tea Set from the Disney Store online. This is a sample of merchendise you can find for Alice Through the Looking Glass. Check it out here!

TeaPot-4   TeaPot-1

TeaPot-2   TeaPot-3


Johnny Depp’s Death Stare

The Black Mass poster has been released, featuring Johnny’s death stare. See it here.

Captain Jack Sparrow Visits Sick Children

Johnny took time out from shooting the next pirates file to visit children in a Brisbane hospital. The staff was asked not to publicize the visit, but photos and videos appeared on social media.

Read the article describing Johnny’s generosity with his time here.

Update: Here is another YouTube video of the visit, from JuicedTv

Ready to Set Sail!

UK Mail Online posted more photos of Jack and crew, on the set of the next Pirates film. See it all here.

From the past: Building the fountain of youth

From the past: Building the fountain of youth

When cleaning up my photos app to reduce filesize a bit, I found something those who were there already know, but I wanted to share with the world: I once built the fountain of youth from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, for a forum convention. It took me at about a week. Continue reading

Impromptu Meet and Greet With Captain Jack

Fans in Australia were treated by an impromptu meet-and-greet with Captain Jack before heading out to the Pirates set. UK DailyMail has several photos and an article here

Johnny Wows Crowd in Australia

Johnny wowed a small crowd at Raby Bay before heading out to continue filming Pirates. Read about it here in the Brisbane Times.

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