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Fans afraid that Orlando Bloom won’t return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films can rest easy. Despite buzz that Bloom’s character would be sacrificed because of budget constraints, the rumors are “completely unfounded.”

Public Relations firm New Market Strategies informed journalists via email that Bloom will return to the swashbuckling franchise.

“As some of you may have seen,” begins the statement, “there have been some rumors going around online regarding potential absence of Orlando Bloom in the future ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films. We are working closely with Disney and want you to know that while we cannot comment on specific plot points, such rumors are completely unfounded.”

The third installment, “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” is due in theaters May 2007.


HOLLYWOOD – Orlando Bloom’s much-loved character in Pirates of the Caribbean will reportedly be killed off in the fourth installment of the Disney series — so says a Disney insider who spoke to the British paper Daily Star.

According to the source, the script for the fourth film is currently being written, and Disney bean counters are already examining ways to cut its massive costs.

According to British newspaper reports, Bloom’s character Will Turner is deemed “not necessary” to the sea-faring saga, although his cast mates Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp are unaffected by the cutbacks.

The report also states that the films’ minor characters, who were faithfully brought back for the first sequel, are also on the chopping block.

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With courtesey of Nevoreiel I could upload her transcript for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – Dead Man’s Chest

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Today I finished the movie sites. You can now find every relevant Infos
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I (mara) added movie info sites (PotC 1, Finding Neverland,
Secret Window, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Ed Wood
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We are desperately looking for some personal movie reviews for these
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I added a Secret Window transcript written by and used with the
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So now the movies site is updated with new icons –
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I added a script for the movie Arizona Dream today 🙂
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Today I added a new script from the movie Donnie Brasco. Check it out
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