Exclusive Trailer The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

An exclusive trailer of the movie The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus appeared.

You can see the trailer here:

Trailer Yahoo Movies

EDIT: you can found now the trailer in our Download-Section

PE review

We added a wonderful review about Public Enemies wrote by our lovely lizzy.

You can find the review here

***May contain spoiler***

Johnny Confirms publically his next projects

Johnny was interviewed by MTV and confirmed his next projects this is a great interview
click here for whole story and video

Verbinski turns PotC4 down.

Gore Verbinski turned down and changed his mind on directing PotC4. About that he informed Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer.

“I had a fantastic time bringing ‘Pirates’ to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry, Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team,” he said. “I’m looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future.”

He will still work together with Johnny on the movie Rango, with Johnny giving voice for the CG-character.

We don’t know yet who will direct PotC4, but we’ll post as soon as we know 🙂

PotC4 is at insiders rumoured to be filmed in Australia and New Zealand

Johnny is Tonto, Mad Hatter, and a small confirmation of PotC4!

Credit to iesb.net and Robert Sanchez for this news!!!
What we have all been waiting for. And as we sat in our homes today. history was in the making as Johnny was back again cressed in his garb as none other than our Captain Jack Sparrow!!!! Drinks all around!


Written by Robert Sanchez
Wednesday, 24 September 2008
They pulled out all the stops at the Walt Disney Studios Showcase today with everything but a marching band! That is until the USC marching band showed up playing THE LONE RANGER theme!

This is where it gets interesting, in the background the Lone Ranger logo appeared on the screen, but that’s not all, the screen pulled up to reveal someone dressed in The Lone Ranger costume on a white horse and everything.

After the Lone Ranger left the stage, Dick Cook said Disney did not know just yet who would be playing the Lone Ranger, but he says they have had several candidates.

Just then, from behind, someone in full Jack Sparrow regalia came out onto the stage holding a nickel plated revolver and wearing the Lone Ranger black mask.

He removes the mask to reveal his true identity JOHNNY DEPP!!

The audience yet wild to say the least!

Cook says it would be a perfect Trifecta, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and now as The Lone Ranger and he promised Disney would throw in another Pirates movie for good measure.

UPDATE: Disney has just confirmed to IESB that Depp in fact is officially signed on to play TONTO in the Lone Ranger film and not the Lone Ranger himself.

It looks like Disney and Depp certainly have a long relationship ahead!

It was an amazing day at the Disney preview and Depp was certainly the icing on the cake!

This goes along with something we reported some time ago that Pirates helmer Gore Verbinski and crew including writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio would be behind the Lone Ranger film, Depp likes to work with those he knows…

At World’s End transcript

Thanks to the wonderful Whatsername, I could add a transcript of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – At World’s End to the scripts section.

Thanks, Whatsername!

Sweeney Todd review

While we in Europe still have to wait, our staffer lizzy4depp had the chance to watch Sweeney Todd. Twice!

And the first thing she did at home was, writing this wonderful review for us all:

click here to read it!

Short excerpt:

“…Whoever said that Johnny only sings in this movie obviously missed this piece, in which as his hands connect with the blades, turns into a poetic dance…”

It is wonderful to read, and you do not need to fear any spoilers. She did not tell anything about the story itself.

review by lizzy4depp

As the opening credits and music fill the screen, my mind is full of visions of the dark, violent bloody mess that may await me. Afraid to look at the screen but to enamored to look away, I hold my breath in anticipation of Johnny Depp’s entrance as this “demon barber.” I don’t have long to wait as the opening shot brings him right to the front of the screen as his newfound singing voice fills the air, something that is in no way a comparison to the listening of the soundtrack. The cinematography, a typical Tim Burton appearance, is familiar; yet beautiful in a strange compelling way. The biggest surprise is that the next hour and 55 minutes is not as much a scary horror-fest, as the press have painted it; but yet a scattering of giggles and laughter stemmed from the witty-sided humor that is peppered throughout the film. Helena is a shining star in this tale, standing out amongst the backdrop of the gloomy London streets.

The most fulfilling scene in this artist mural is the first song by Sweeny to his razors. Whoever said that Johnny only sings in this movie obviously missed this piece, in which as his hands connect with the blades, turns into a poetic dance. His beautiful fingers caressing and grasping the silver as he proceeds to sway his arms and gracefully move across the screen in something that resembles no less than a waltz, with the razors as his partner. Throughout the story you can see that Johnny is more than comfortable with these tools of Sweeny’s trade, a reminiscent of Edward’s hand or Jack’s sword that have always become an extension of himself. His singing his strong and true with an unwavering conviction. The audience experienced a hushed silence following the climatic ending that echoed of the classical film area, with Johnny in a more than masterful pose that will stick in your mind as his greatest exit in any film.

All of the writings, movie overviews and articles on the site (written by Lizzy Garcia) are date copyrighted under her full legal name and protected in this sense. Any use or posting of the articles or claims are in violation of this copyright. This is a personal copyright as well as the copyright that the site holds on these pieces. If you have a request for the use of any of these pieces it must be sent to her personally.

New “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” movie page

We added a page for the Starz original movie “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson”. There’s also a review of the film online for you to read in advance. The film premieres on Starz on December 12.

– Conny

Movie Script

I’ ve uploaded some new scripts of the movies The Astronaut’s wife, Benny &Joon, Dead Man, Finding Neverland, From Hell, Nick of Time, Once upon a time in Mexico and The Libertine.You can find all here

The transcript written by and used with the courtesey of Angela Sugden. Thanx.

– News staffer –
We are looking for a new news staffer.
If you are always up-to-date, are good in English and know, which news are most likely real and not just bad gossips, and you are interested in taking over the job, please email to martina (at) johnny-depp.org

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