Johnny Shows his Love for Animals

Gold Coast Bulletin has an article about Johnny’s love of animals; adopting a bat and having his wife’s pooches pampered. Read it here.

Seasick Captain Jack Looks for Calmer Waters

The Gold Coast has been experiencing big swells causing seasickness among the cast and crew. They are searching for calmer waters in Raby Bay. See the article from ABC News here.

First photo from Pirates 5

Yesterday, Jerry posted the first photo from PotC5 on his twitter together with the lines

Captain Jack is back and we’re not letting him go.

Johnny Returning to Down Under

Filming of Pirates 5 is due to resume with Johnny on or about April 20th. UK MailOnline has posted an article, but other than that date, there isn’t much news. Read it here.

Johnny’s Recovery

The Inquisitr posted a short article about Johnny’s recovery from his hand injury and it’s affect on filming. Read it here.

Art Institute Professor Critiques Johnny’s Painting

A blogger approached an art professor to get his expert opinion of celebrity artists work; including a work by Johnny. Read the article here.

Mortdecai Toned Down for Digital HD Release

Mortdecai was released as a “R” rated movie in the U.S. Forbes has an article stating the studio will release the theatrical version on physical media and on demand, but they will also be releasing a tamer version rated PG Digital HD and On Demand. Read the article here.

Johnny Plays Surprise Guitar Solo on Butch Walker’s Album

While Ryan  Adams was helping Butch Walker record his 7th album, Johnny shows up at the recording studio and adds a guitar solo. This was captured in a behind-the-scenes video. See it here on Rolling Stones website.

Johnny Hurts Hand While On Location

While in Australia, Johnny injured his right hand. This did not occur while filming. He was all smiles while boring a plane apparently headed to L.A. to get treatment. Read the article here.

Big Play Ground For Pirates 5 Actors…Awesome! (can I play too?)

MoviePilot has posted new photos of the Pirates set in Australia. Check it out here.

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