Sympathy to the Depp Family

With the loss of your Mom, Betty Sue Depp, we your admires send our heartfelt condolences to you and your family….with love and prayers.

Johnny and Mom

Johnny Interview at European Premier

Here is an interview posted by ScreenSlam at the European Premier of Alice Through the Looking Glass. Enjoy!

Alice Through the Looking Glass Poster

Found this on Harwood Ave. in Ajax Canada. Try and find where yours are in the town you live in.

Alice 2 Poster Ajax

Yoga Hosers Release Date

Lily Rose Depp and Johnny star in Yoga Hosers to be released later this Month. Click here to see details.


Take what you can!

All things have an end, might have one, too. I just got an email that the host closes doors in just 4 days. Yes, I was as shocked as you. 11 years might be for nothing, and while I’m trying to get at least the domain back, I’m not sure if this might be a sign to stop all this. I’m tired fighting for the domain, a new host, staff members, news, time and even love for all this. 

I have no idea yet how it continues, I just got the info myself, and I’m under shock.

but I wanted to share with you to give you the chance to save all the info you want within 4 days.

Feel free to contact me at martina {at} inspirationally {dotty} net

Johnny Depp’s Death Stare

The Black Mass poster has been released, featuring Johnny’s death stare. See it here.

Johnny Depp visits his baby bat

Before film the fifth instalment of POTC Johnny visits Jacki his baby bat. See article and video here.

Black Mass at Venice Film Festival

The Scott Cooper directed film Black Mass will be on show for The Venice Film Festival. Starring Johnny Depp. See Variety article here.

13 year old tells of her experience interviewing Johnny

Ula Pryce-Davies had her dream come true when she interviewed Captain Jack Sparrow (aka Johnny Depp) for JuicedTv. See article here.

Updated: Here is another article about the visit and a different video. 

Captain Jack Sparrow Visits Sick Children

Johnny took time out from shooting the next pirates file to visit children in a Brisbane hospital. The staff was asked not to publicize the visit, but photos and videos appeared on social media.

Read the article describing Johnny’s generosity with his time here.

Update: Here is another YouTube video of the visit, from JuicedTv

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