Pics from Ellen DeGeneres

here some pics from the Ellen deGeneres show April 11: gallery link

Trancendence Premiere LA

See pics from the LA Premiere of Trancendence yesterday in our gallery.Thanks to Claudia from Johnny Depp Network for these!

Trancendence Premiere Downloads

Don’t forget to take a look at our revived downloads section for the latest downloads of the China premiere of Trancendence, that Ina uploaded:

Downloads 2014

Johnny in InterviewMag

Johnny in InterviewMag

Johnny will be in the newest issue of the Interview Magazine, interviewed by Iggy Pop. There is also a new photo session (date March 4th) in it, see here for all those great pics.

 Last February, Pop, who now lives in Florida, phoned Depp, who was at his home in Los Angeles, to talk about heroes, guitar solos, getting into character, and getting away from it all.

March 4th, 2014, Bruce Weber March 4th, 2014, Bruce Weber March 4th, 2014, Bruce Weber

Downloads Revival – 1,118 videos imported

Just on time I could, after weeks of programming an import script, import our 1,118 downloads from the old broken script to a new working plugin. So they are all there again –

right here in the downloads section.

So go on, download some clips, and please drop us an email with links to those video clips we missed through the time the download plugin was down, so we can add them.

Please note that there are still some little display errors and sorting errors there, but most should work well.

BBC Breakfast and other videos


Many, many other videos from the most recent premieres, press conferences and press junkets you find now in our download section!

New Video-Downloads

The Charlie Rose interview and some clips from the CBS – This Morning interview with Johnny and Gore Verbinski we had mentioned before are now available in our download section.

There also scroll down for many new videos from the press junket in Santa Fe last month.

Johnny in Moscow – Videos

We just added several videos  – including a full length recording of the press conference – to our downloads. You find them all here.

Breaking News: Johnny is a mutant!

Breaking News: Johnny is a mutant!


Well, this is what we thought, when this new pic, which seems to be from the latest Peter Mountain shoot, appeared in the Czech DNES Vikend magazine (Source), including his alien hand.

or, quoting BonBon

I always knew it, he isn’t of this world!

 (Andrea pointed out, it might also be part of his arm/hand, but, on first view, it looks like a 6th finger)


New photos from the Peter Mountain photoshoot

New photos from the Peter Mountain photoshoot

Click on the thumbs:


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