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18 August 2006   Gallery No Comments

Through Conny’s and In-too-Depp’s help jdorg got some new screencap sites:

Screencaps from the Benny and Joon Extras (costume testing, stunts, deleted scenes) and Extras from the Gilbert Grape RC1 DVD have been added.

4 August 2006   Gallery No Comments

I just uploaded some very creative new wallpapers which were kindly donated by CJ. You can find them in the Wallpapers

Hope you like them, keep sending in those gorgeous creations….

3 August 2006   Gallery No Comments

Conny capped the Special Edition of the Japanese Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – Dead Man’s Chest Soundtrack CD….
and I capped the trailer for the movie,

you you’ll be able to find some new screencaps under the screencaps

24 July 2006   Gallery No Comments

Conny uploaded lots of new Movie Pics

Israeli press kit for Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and Secret Window
and German lobby cards and pics from the Press Kit CD of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – Dead Man’s Chest.

2 April 2006   Gallery No Comments

I added a great great drawing donated by Alissa,
some new Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie pics aaaand
some pics from the Jay Leno 2005 show.

mara got the documentations and music videos info sites finished, so
check them out!

28 March 2006   Gallery No Comments

I just added lots of new movie pics –
all I have so far.

Just a short overview:
scans of the great the Libertine French Pressbook, some pics from 21
Jump Street, CATCF, French Cry Baby Lobbycards, general pics from Cry
Baby, SO SO SO cute pics from the Dead Man Set, shooting pics from Fear
and Loathing, Sleepy Hollow, CATCF, the Man Who Cried, From Hell, the
Ninth Gate, the Brave and Secret Window and Blow, Lost in La Mancha Pics,
Pics from Private Resort, Chocolat, Arizona Dream and one more from
Once upon a time in Mexico…….

21 March 2006   Gallery No Comments

Conny had some time to scan and upload some High Quality movie pics:

1. CATCF US Digital Press
Kit CD

2. CATCF German

3. French Lobbycards
4. French Corpse Bride

5. From Hell Presskits


I updated the 2005 Appearances Galleries and hope to have the time to
set up the previous years within the next weeks…or months

27 January 2006   Gallery No Comments

As you may have seen I updated the screencaps section –
I added all those I already made and redesigned the index site.

The movie pics got a brand new index site as well and I added pics too
all movies I have some, especially by Claudia donated the Brave, Dead
Man and Fear and Loathing movie pics.
As well as from the recent movies the Libertine and the PotC pics
existing yet.

24 November 2005   Gallery No Comments

I added them to the screencap galleries

3 September 2005   Gallery No Comments

I added some pics from Johnny’s arrival in
to the galleries/appearances galleries.

Here a short preview:
title=”go to click to enlarge”> src=”/media/gallery/appearances/2005-09-03/thumbs/japan010.jpg” alt=”image: japan010.jpg” class=”galleries” /> title=”go to click to enlarge”> border=”0″ alt=”image: japan011.jpg” class=”galleries” /> enlarge”> border=”0″ alt=”image: japan012.jpg” class=”galleries” />