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Moviepics and Appearances

Conny had some time to scan and upload some High Quality movie pics:

1. CATCF US Digital Press
Kit CD

2. CATCF German

3. French Lobbycards
4. French Corpse Bride

5. From Hell Presskits


I updated the 2005 Appearances Galleries and hope to have the time to
set up the previous years within the next weeks…or months

Screencaps finished

As you may have seen I updated the screencaps section –
I added all those I already made and redesigned the index site.

The movie pics got a brand new index site as well and I added pics too
all movies I have some, especially by Claudia donated the Brave, Dead
Man and Fear and Loathing movie pics.
As well as from the recent movies the Libertine and the PotC pics
existing yet.

Screencaps of the Source

I added them to the screencap galleries

Johnny in Japan

I added some pics from Johnny’s arrival in
to the galleries/appearances galleries.

Here a short preview:
title=”go to click to enlarge”> src=”/media/gallery/appearances/2005-09-03/thumbs/japan010.jpg” alt=”image: japan010.jpg” class=”galleries” /> title=”go to click to enlarge”> border=”0″ alt=”image: japan011.jpg” class=”galleries” /> enlarge”> border=”0″ alt=”image: japan012.jpg” class=”galleries” />

Movie Pics and Book Covers

I added the whole section Movie Pics, where you can find High Quality
pics like Lobby Cards and Press Kits. Now I’ll start and add Book Covers
to the galleries.
The Movie Pics

Screencap galleries

I just opened the screencap galleries. Not all screencaps are added
now, but it will come soon.
And – you are allowed to hotlink all the screencaps on this site. You
can find them all here:

Again new galleries

I added the 2005 galleries for the inofficial galleries/appearances (except of
one single appearance) –
check them out here:

Additionally I started creating a timeline through the look of Johnny
with the single preview pics here:

Appearances: CATCF Premiere

I added nearly 100 pics of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Premiere in LA:

Appearances: CATCF Press Conference

I just started with the galleries/appearances galleries.
The first topic there is the press conference of Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory.

Check the pics posted by AnaMaria out at
or visit the general galleries/appearances index page at
(although there is still only that one appearance – more will follow as
soon as I have the time)

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