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29 April 2007   Gallery No Comments

While we are all waiting for the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, we can show you 3 new AWE-Trailerclips (featurette, CJS, characters).
You find them all in the Download Section.

Also I capped all clips and added the pics in the Screencap Section.

And we added new AWE stills, shooting pics and High Quality Promo Pics in the Moviepic Section.


– Sarfania –

22 April 2007   Gallery No Comments

The wonderful Sleeping Sun (her site is Visual Wings ) capped all extras from DMC. You can find the pics in the Screencap Section

Thanks to Sleeping Sun.

– Sarfania –

2 April 2007   Gallery No Comments

I capped the main movie of Secret Window.
Also mara and I have made the screencaps from the main movie of PotC2 – Dead Mans Chest. Thanks to mara.
I added the pics in the Screencap Section

24 March 2007   Gallery No Comments

I added some new pics.
The Rrose Salvey photoshooting for the Voom-Portraits.
Antpod made some photos from a private meeting with Johnny. Thanks.
And some more Potc3-stills (thanks to LuCy for the red pics)


11 March 2007   Gallery No Comments

While Sarfania is working hard on sorting the galleries/magazines section and already got the year 2006 finished, I went through all the unsorted pics on my harddrive and added some pics to the following folders:

Marion Stalens Photoshooting 2001 (completely new),
Deauville Press Conf.,
Deauville Blow Premiere, Secret Window Shooting,
Don Juan Moviepics,
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Set Shots,
one more Platoon Pic, as well as one more PotC 1 Still, some wonderful high quality PotC 2 Stills, PotC 3 Stills *may contain spoilers!!* and high quality PotC 3 Shooting Pics, PotC 3 Pre Production Drawings, thanks to Agnes some Photos of Jack Sparrow at Madame Tussauds,
a Sweeney Todd and PotC3 – At Worlds End Teaser Poster,
the first 200 caps of Dead Man’s Chest, and one of my PotC2 Signatures and Avatars, and some single pics to the galleries/appearances and photoshootings section.

//EDIT on Tuesday, March 13: some brand new PotC3 Stills appeared yesterday, very funny ones, so check them out!!!

28 February 2007   Gallery No Comments

I added some more pics of the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert. Thanks to Judy Blem and Dana.

Also TwinkleCocunuts has made some fotos of an event of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation in June 2006, where Johnny mets some Make-A-Wish-families MAWPICS

To the screencaps section I added 12 more episodes of screencaps of the TV-Serie 21 Jumpstreet (Season 2) so the 2nd season is complete now. Credits go to the wonderful Jenna (deppislove), who spent some hours in capping them for us.

Season 2 – You Ought to Be in Prison
Season 2 – How Much is that Body in the Window
Season 2 – Christmas in Saigon
Season 2 – Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins
Season 2 – Big Disease with a Little Name
Season 2 – Chapel of Love
Season 2 – I’m Ok – You Need Work
Season 2 – Orpheus 3.3
Season 2 – Champagne High
Season 2 – Brothers Hanson and the Miracle of Renner’s Pond
Season 2 – Best Years of Your Life
Season 2 – School’s Out


24 January 2007   Gallery No Comments

Thanks to Jenna,
I could today add 14 more episodes of screencaps of the TV series 21 Jump Street: the second half of the first season and the first half of the second season :-p

Go visit them here:

Season 1 – Bad Influence
Season 1 – Blindsided
Season 1 – Next Generation
Season 1 – Low and Away
Season 1 – 16 Blown to 35
Season 1 – Mean Streets and Pastel Houses
Season 2 – In the Custody of a Clown
Season 2 – Besieged (1)
Season 2 – Besieged (2)
Season 2 – Two for the Road
Season 2 – After School Special
Season 2 – Higher Education
Season 2 – Don’t Stretch the Rainbow
Season 2 – Honor Bound

Additionally I want to thank selene.H for her huge donation via paypal! You saved this site one more year!

9 January 2007   Gallery No Comments

Thanks to some helpful people and myself 😀 I could add lots of screencaps today:

from the latest Hunter S. Thompson documentation Buy the ticket, take the ride, capped by myself, which I already added some time ago,

caps from God’s gonna cut you down have been added a month ago already, capped by Beth,

today I added caps from the extras from the Brave, thanks to Conny,

and Jenna (Deppislove) was so kind to cap the first 7 episodes of 21 Jump Street, which I just added.

Some are still uploaded, the ftp connection just is not faster than it is, but they should all be there in a few hours.

I hope to have the screencaps completed soon,
whoever wants to help, just look into the screencaps index site which screencaps we still need!

15 November 2006   Gallery No Comments

Within the last weeks I’ve created some calendars for the year 2007,
they have been uploaded to the calendar section

because we found out that the encyclopedia is the most disliked part of, we removed the encyclopedia section from the site, maybe we’ll bring it back one day in another way with a more serious intention

13 November 2006   Gallery No Comments

There appeared some new pics of the photoshooting with the photographer Osama Nakumara and Kaori Suzuki. I’ve uploaded the pics at the photoshooting section