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13 April 2012   Gallery Movies No Comments

As we are getting nearer the release date of the movie “Dark Shadows”, we bring you today a new batch of stills, with a bloody good Barnabas!

You can find them all in our updated gallery HERE or you can click on the thumbnails below to see them in full size:


2 April 2012   Gallery Movies No Comments

A new “Dark Shadows” banner has been added. Take a look!


You can also see the other banners in our gallery HERE

Also, the fifth TV Spot has been released. It has 1 minute and just like the previous ones, it features new scenes. Click HERE to download it.

Of course, as always, we also added new screencaps in our gallery. Make sure to see them all HERE


31 March 2012   Gallery Movies No Comments

A new “Dark Shadow” TV Spot has been added. Click on the video to watch it


To download the video from our gallery, click HERE
If you missed any of the previous TV Spots, we have them all in our GALLERY (CLICK)

Screencaps from this fourth TV Spot can be found HERE


29 March 2012   Gallery General Movies No Comments

Click on the thumbnail to see it in its full size


In other news, “Dark Shadows” won the award for the Best Production to Work On, given by the The Film Artistes Association. You can read more about it HERE

Also, thanks to Dark Shadows News, we learned that Warner Bros will be promoting Dark Shadows at the trade event CinemaCon, which takes place on April 24 in Las Vegas. The presentation is expected to include sneak peek footage from the movie with personnel from the film in attendance.

27 March 2012   Gallery Movies No Comments

The marketing campaign for “Dark Shadows” has officially started and we are in for a treat, with 3 HQ TV Spots revealing scenes never before seen.

We added them in our gallery and you can download them from HERE
or by clicking on the titles below:
“Dark Shadows” TV SPOT #1
“Dark Shadows” TV SPOT #2
“Dark Shadows” TV SPOT #3

The screencaptures can be found:
HERE, for the 1st TV SPOT
HERE, for the 2nd TV SPOT
HERE, for the 3rd TV SPOT

Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirate’s life for…us. We added tons of screencaps from the fourth installment of Pirates of the Carribean to our galleries. Check out the following updates:

Main Movie
“Johnny and Judy” featurette
“Two Jacks” featurette
“Mutiny” featurette
“Mermaids” featurette

Here are some previews:

23 March 2012   Gallery General No Comments

Two new and brilliant “Dark Shadows” pictures emerged, showing Johnny and Tim at work. Click on the thumbnails to see the images in their full size.


20 March 2012   Gallery Movies No Comments

Empire Magazine just posted a new batch of Dark Shadows posters. You can see them all in our gallery HERE

16 March 2012   Gallery Movies No Comments

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! We celebrate the release of the “Dark Shadows” trailer, by adding loads of pictures to our “Dark Shadows” galleries. Don’t be afraid of the dark, we only have eye-candies.

– See the many Hi-Res screencaps from the first “Dark Shadows” trailer HERE
– See the new “Dark Shadows” poster HERE
– See the newest stills HERE
– See the “Dark Shadows” banner without text HERE

And last, but not least
– See the freshly added “Dark Shadows” shooting pics HERE

17 January 2012   Gallery No Comments

Added a video from Golden Globes at the Download Section here and you can find also some screencaps here