Black Mass facing criticism

Black Mass is facing a bit of rejection from the Boston community because they feel the movie might glorify Bulger, the famous convicted murderer and former organized crime figure, who is currently 84 years old.

Perhaps we would be amazed and delighted by the idea of Johnny Depp filming in our neighborhood but according to the Boston Globe, a local newspaper, a few people are quite disturbed because Black Mass is a movie based on Whitey Bulger, a man that is still alive and that damaged lots of families in that community.

“They’re filming this right next to all these people who lost loved ones to Whitey,” said Ivaska, who was born and raised in the neighborhood. “The fact that anyone glorifies anything to do with this guy is disgusting.”  The Boston Globe.

However crowds of natives and newcomers are following the film’s staff in order to get a glimpse of the cast, specially of Johnny.

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