Johnny on Jimmy Kimmel -April 7

Monday, April 07, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Live
4:30 PM
Los Angeles, CA
18 +
Johnny Depp, Clayton Kershaw


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  • Ellen Zinder says:

    HI to Johnny and Jimmy,
    Johnny, I am your 27th cousin. through some Swedish royalty ( Tawast family), a Danish Princess and a Frenchman ( Louis VI le Gros, rol of France), a knight, and an Esquire, down to Walter “Paw=Paw” Wells, and Betty Sue Wells!
    My daughter, Allison, a 40 year old chef in Paris, France…. who lives in the 20th arrondisement, is a HUGE fan!
    And Jimmy, since I am 100 % Finnish, I found out I may be related to your wife!!
    Love the show!
    Best regards,
    Ellen Zinder
    Richmond Virginia

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