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Johnny Depp’s Family Business

Just go this from Jonathan Hay, the publicist of Johnny’s nephew: 


William “Billy” Rassel may have a golden ticket to Hollywood, but everything he has achieved in his life has been a result of his own hard work. As the nephew of Johnny Depp, who requires no introduction or fluffy adjectives, Rassel has been taught the value of hard work from the best of the best, having been mentored and heavily-influenced by his larger-than-life uncle Johnny Depp since birth.

Billy, who just launched his music production company Brashk Inc., has always looked to Depp as more of an older brother type than an uncle, being the fact that he’s only 15 years older than him (Johnny’s older sister is Billy’s mother) and their family has always been extremely close.

“We interact just like any other family, but I guess the best way to describe our relationship is that of anyone else who has an uncle that likes to do shit with you that your parents don’t approve of. Almost like brothers.”– William“Billy” Rassel

Rassel got his superstar uncle — who just happens to be the highest paid actor in show business — to guest star on the song “Street Runners” alongside his artist Jup with Rob Jackson and Kae State (of 75 South Music Group). Depp recorded his part under his alias Mr. Stench and did the four part narrationwhile in Utah filming “The Lone Ranger”. Depp’s narration can be heard all throughout the song.

Brashk Inc released the company’s first album today, “Collective Bargaining” by Jup and Rob Jackson, now available on iTunes. I’ve attached the single “Street Runners” (with artwork) with narration by Johnny Depp (aka Mr. Stench).

See the music video of the song here:


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