Cameo in “Jack and Jill”

Although Johnny said during the promotion for “The Tourist” that he plans ‘just to be Dad’ for the next three months, a reliable source told us at that Johnny is scheduled for a two day shoot this month for a cameo in Adam Sandler’s and Al Pacino’s “Jack and Jill”, which is currently being filmed in Los Angeles.

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  • ginny says:

    Johnny don’t ever stop to take a breath/rest..hehe!…Hi!…all my hopes ginny:D

  • mina says:

    I ve read that alice in wonderland recieved 15 nominations in BAFTA Awards. include johnny depp. but there is no news in google . right? wrong?

  • Charlie Leedham says:

    Johnny needs to have a break for like a year and spend some time with his family. I mean im quite a big fan and would live him to do some more movies but I think he may regret not watching his kids grow up – I know that Jack & Lily-Rose go with him sometimes when he’s filming but still, he needs to start thinking about hiself rather than us! ;D

  • ginny says:

    I agree Charlie , Johnny does need to take a big break…all my hopes ginny

  • ginny says:,65,BA.html…look under “longlist” it has all the catagories and nominees. Hope this helps…all my hopes ginny

  • ginny says:

    Did some searching and found that yes Alice in Wonderland is up for 12 award nominees(thats what I counted) and Johnny is nominated for Leading Actor Helena for Supporting Actress…Hope this helps…all my hopes ginny

  • Evangeline says:

    I’m happy, Johnny, that you really enjoy doing what you do for us, but you really need to spend time with your family. We are all thankful for what you give us with your amazing portrayal in those strange characters you come up with, but it’s the New Year and, just like Charlie said, you may regret not watching your kids grow up. Life moves on and before you know it…Lily-rose and Jack are out there doing their own thing. We love you, but we love how you’re always with your family too! Which, we rarely know about these days. Well, we know you keep private, but still. No worries, I’m sure you just have a lot on your plate, love! 😉

  • Zena says:

    cameos are always fun 🙂

  • ginny says:

    Thank-you Zena cameos are fun and should have seen that before …sorry and it is only two days…Have fun Johnny!…all my hopes ginny

  • PirateFan says:

    His cameo was great! Nuff said!

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