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March 20, 2019   Website 9 Comments

As announced, the site’s got a brand new look and layout. It’s a bit more colorful than the previous designs. I kind of felt like adding a bit more colors to the website, probably because of the event that actually led to change the site’s look after all:

15 years online!

Yes, last month, on February 4th, the site celebrated 15 years online. 15 years of Johnny Depp Network! FIFTEEN years supporting, celebrating, loving Johnny as much as we can. And hopefully many more to come!!!
I would love to say thanks to Martina again for bringing the site into being back then in 2004. You made it possible for us to have this little piece of Johnny-Universe for admirers to regularly meet up, read on the latest news of Johnny and to support him and his music/movie projects.

Of course, a huge thank you also to our regular visitors. To the people who continue believing in Johnny, supporting him and loving him. Thanks to everyone who donates images, news or info every now and then. We’re very honored to have so many helpful hands that make the site what it is. Thanks to everyone who regularly comments on our posts, those who discuss Johnny’s projects, films, music, roles etc. Those who keep sending us feedback on how to improve our website or the news we post. Thanks thanks thanks!

I’m currently working on getting the timeline and Instagram feed recently. We’re not only posting news on there (like we do on our Twitter) but also random edited images of Johnny. Feel free to visit us there as well.

And again, because it’s just too good to be true: THANKS for wonderful 15 years of

  • Ginny
    Posted on March 20, 2019

    It was an honour to be a part of this site for seven of those fifteen years! Happy Anniversary!

  • Debby
    Posted on March 20, 2019

    Ginny, thanks so much! You’re definitely one of those people I mentioned in my post. Always enriching us with your thoughts, feedback, comments. But most of all: always sharing your love with Johnny. Thank you! ♥️

  • Kat
    Posted on March 20, 2019

    Congrats and happy anniversary. Great site!!! Johnny is a great person and deserves this support more than anyone else. Keep up the good work and thanks for doing this. ❤️

  • Silke
    Posted on March 20, 2019

    And the new look is just fantastic!
    Thank you so much for everything you do!

  • mother of N.T.
    Posted on March 20, 2019

    Creator Earth thanks for divine gift of life eternal Spirit of Johnny Christopher Depp and all who created this site for Him to be appropriatly represented…. this timing though sadly is the duration of my 6 years olds kidnapping and still not reconnected….
    hola senior Transcedence uploaded professor Gillert Grindelwald so happy you are not held captive …..!

  • Martina
    Posted on March 21, 2019

    Thanks for taking over the ship, Debby!

  • Sanae
    Posted on March 21, 2019

    Congratulations!! The new design also looks great:) I’m a rather recent fan but feel fortunate to have got to know the actor Johnny and found this site. Love him so much and love to hear people admire and support him as well. Thank you and please keep on your great work!

  • Debbie
    Posted on March 24, 2019

    WHOA! What a surprise!! WOW
    Gone for what seems like only a few days(in actuality 12) come back to a completely revamped fresh new web design! Applause and cheers!!! THANK YOU and HUGS to everyone who’s ever been involved in this website making it one of the best🤗👏👏👏 I’ve been a passionate admirer here for at least the last 12 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it! I have valued the true appreciation of everyone involved to be as honest and respectful to Johnny and his family as you have been! THANK YOU for sharing with all of us the many pictures, articles and information that you have all of these years! I’ve taken comfort and great pride in knowing that I could always come here and whatever I saw, it was with great love, admiration and respect for Johnny to be truthful and unbiased. Congratulations and cheers to many more years for as long as possible! 🍷🍾

  • Cécile
    Posted on March 24, 2019

    Thanks so much for this wonderful website and the great work you do.

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