Site Update

I just wanted to take a moment to give all you Johnny fans an update. We are still restoring parts of the site from the old host so updates from me will be slow until then. I’m sure if anything major comes out Ginny or Brian will get it post for you! Thanks so much for waiting on us to get everything up and running 100% again!

A big hello!

Hello everyone my name is Haley and I am the new webmaster here at JDorg! I am very excited to get started!! I am working with all the crew that have been around for a long time to see how we go about things here and we will get updates started soon!!! xoxo Haley is back!

After being gone more than half a year, found a kind new host and owner with Free Fansite Hosting.

Though I can’t deny I absolutely fell in love again now that I uploaded it, I am, as former admin, not able to actively care for the site any further and keep it updated. Nevertheless I thought it would be sad to simply erase such an immense archive of information about this wonderful man.

This means, that is open for adoption and will be running as an archive (probably the biggest Johnny Depp archive in the web) until we found a new webmaster.

Please apply at the FFH Fansite Adoption site


Take what you can!

All things have an end, might have one, too. I just got an email that the host closes doors in just 4 days. Yes, I was as shocked as you. 11 years might be for nothing, and while I’m trying to get at least the domain back, I’m not sure if this might be a sign to stop all this. I’m tired fighting for the domain, a new host, staff members, news, time and even love for all this. 

I have no idea yet how it continues, I just got the info myself, and I’m under shock.

but I wanted to share with you to give you the chance to save all the info you want within 4 days.

Feel free to contact me at martina {at} inspirationally {dotty} net

Server Problems solved

We had so many server problems recently with JDorg getting slow or completely closing connections, and it was nearly impossible to work on the site. Both harddrives crashed and had to be replaced. I really hope, this problem is solved now and we can get back to normal. (more…)